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How to Breed Zebra Pleco Fish

Meta Description: The first thing you should do in breeding the Zebrafish Pleco is by creating a supportive condition of the environment for the fish.

Breeding of the Zebrafish Pleco is not a new thing. Surprisingly, it can be stated that the process is easy. The only challenge will only be creating a perfect condition and providing all the things the fish needs during the breed. But, if you are willing to commit to it, you will do the Zebra Pleco breeding without significant obstacles.

They usually breed in the wild during the rainy season, which lasts from July to September. Fortunately, they can breed at any moment in the aquarium.

Here are the main steps on how to breed Zebra Pleco:

Prepare the Suitable Condition

Zebra Pleco does not need a separate tank to breed. You only need to prepare the tank's condition to encourage breeding. The first step to creating a perfect condition for the fish is bringing the water temperature to roughly 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, adding oxygen to the water using an air stone and a pump. 

Moreover, the fish must have plenty of caves because they use caves for breeding. In this cave, the female will lay eggs, and the male will fertilize and guard them. The caves can be created from rock cracks, dark-colored plastic pipe scraps, or slate. Keep in mind that when the male's dorsal fin is fully extended, the height of these caves should suit him comfortably.

Waiting for the Breeding

The female moving about the entrance of the male cave is the first sign of breeding of the Zebrafish Pleco. At this moment, the male will guard at the entrance. This activity can last anywhere from an hour to a day. The male will then persuade the female into the cave, where she will stay for up to 4 or 5 days. After that, the male then blocks the cave's entrance. 

During the breeding, the female Zebra Pleco can lay around 15 eggs, and once the eggs are laid, the male will guard the eggs and protect them from any dangers. The male can also stay after the eggs hatch.

The Hatching Process

It usually takes 3-7 days for the eggs to turn into fry. The first thing that will come out from the egg is the tail, very soon followed by the head. In no more than two days, the baby Zebra Pleco evolved into an extraordinarily powerful sucker just like its parents. This power will enable the baby fish to lift itself to a surface.

The baby Zebra Pleco does not need food for the first few days since the egg sac feeds nutrients for the baby fish. But after that, you need to feed them with powdered dry food and brine shrimps for several weeks later.

As you can see, there are only some steps that happen during the breeding of the Zebrafish Pleco. Although it seems just easy and simple, these steps are crucial because they can increase the population of Zebra Pleco since it is classified as an endangered animal. So, remember always to be careful and give full attention when it comes to breeding Zebrafish Pleco!


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