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Types of Feed for Zebra Pleco Fish

Meta Description: Read to see the types of feed that you can give to your Zebra Pleco and also the tips to make them eat comfortably and safely.

Providing proper feeds for Zebra Pleco fish is essential because feeds give them nutrients and energy to make them healthy and strong. You might be confused to choose what to eat for the fish, especially if you are a newbie aquarist. To help you with that, you can keep reading to see what types of feed are suitable for Zebra Pleco.

Types of Feed for Zebra Pleco

You can feed Zebra Pleco fish with these types of feed.

Live and Freeze-dried Foods

The staple of the Zebra Pleco diet is protein. They have to eat foods rich in protein to keep them healthy. Moreover, they are predatory fish, so protein is a must for them.

Unlike other species of catfish, Zebra Pleco eats more meats. You can feed them with bloodworms because it is a good source of protein. They accept frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, but they will like them more if the bloodworms are still alive.

Brine shrimp is one of the go-to feeds for Zebra Pleco. You can give them in the form of freeze-dried. Same to bloodworms, the brine shrimps are also rich in protein. 

Not only that, but Zebra Pleco can also eat small invertebrates, like bug larvae and small worms. High-protein pellets can also be an option when it comes to feeding the fish.


They are omnivores, so they can nibble on the vegetables, especially if offered. You can occasionally feed Zebra Pleco fish with blanched vegetables, such as crushed cucumbers and lightly boiled peas without skin. You can also feed them with seaweed waffles.

Tips to Feed Zebra Pleco

After you know what types of feed for Zebra Pleco, you can read more about some tips you can apply when it comes to feeding the fish to make them feel comfortable.

Choose a Quiet Spot to Feed

You can feed Zebra Pleco fish by putting the feed in a specific area in the aquarium that is less crowded, especially if there is more than one fish in the tank. This is because they are not aggressive eaters, so they tend to eat quietly and will not come out if there is a frenzy over food. In this case, make sure they have their own food in their comfortable spot twice a day.

Make Sure the Feed is Sinking

Zebra Pleco is bottom dweller, meaning they mostly live at the bottom of the aquarium. So, do not feed them with foods that are going to float. This is especially important if you want to feed them with pellets.

Make Sure the Feed is Small

Zebra Pleco is a small fish, and of course, the mouth is small as well. So, always ensure that the food is small enough for them to swallow. You can crush the feed into smaller chunks so they will eat them safely.

If you feed Zebra Pleco fish with some of the types that are mentioned above, they will enjoy it to the last bite. Do not forget to do the tips in order to make them eat comfortably and securely.




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