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How to Keep Zebra Pleco Fish in an Aquarium

Meta Description: Keeping Zebra Pleco fish is something you need to fully understand as an aquarist if you want to keep them for a long time possible.

When you decide to have an aquarium, there are so many selections of living creatures that you can put, including the Zebra Pleco fish. The alternating vibrant white and black stripes along the body will surely make Zebra Pleco the main star in the aquarium. No wonder people are willing to spend a huge amount of money to get this rare fish. However, you must know how to keep them very well so they will be comfortable and live longer, and you can be a responsible aquarist.

Keeping Zebra Pleco fish is quite challenging because they require special attention. Fear not! You can take note of the following explanation of how to keep Zebra Pleco in an aquarium.

Choose the Best Tank Size

Although Zebra Pleco is relatively small than other fish, it does not mean they only need a small tank. You can at least put them in a 20 to 30-gallon tank so they will have more room to swim and explore. 

Because they are territorial, a bigger tank is preferable if you want to put more than one Zebra Pleco in one tank to prevent territorial fights. A bigger tank is also essential to combine them with other fish.

Pay Attention to the Water Parameters

The simple rule to apply in conditioning the water condition for the fish in the aquarium is by mimicking their natural habitat in Xingu, Brazil. Zebra Pleco likes warm water that is relatively neutral in pH, not lower than 6.5 or higher than 7. Meanwhile, the best temperature for the fish is from 79 to 88 °F.

When it comes to the water hardness, the suitable level for the fish will be around 2 until 6 KH. Make sure to check the water parameter regularly so you will have the closest condition of the Xingu water.

Set The Water Flow to Be Strong

Zebra Pleco is built to live in a strong water stream. They can die if the water stream is still. Therefore, one of the biggest jobs in keeping them in your aquarium is to find the filter that can fulfill this need.

Add Decorations

Keeping Zebra Pleco fish is all about making them comfortable. To make them become so, you can put some decorations that can also be useful. For example, you can put rocks, driftwoods, or artificial caves as hiding places for them because they are nocturnal and basically shy.

You can scatter sand or gravel at the bottom of the aquarium as a substrate. Just ensure that the gravel is not too small for them to be eaten. Lastly, for the plants, you can put your creativity into it because Zebra Pleco is not picky when it comes to plants!

Set The Suitable Lighting

You can set the lighting low since Zebra Pleco is most comfortable with it. However, you can put a standard aquarium lighting during the day when they are sleeping and turn it off at night because they are more active at night.

In keeping Zebra Pleco fish, there are several things that you need to fully understand so the fish will be adjusted to your aquarium environment and they will live longer. Make sure to follow the explanation, and good luck!


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