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Figuring Out The Black Skirt Tetra Fish Habitat In Nature

Interesting facts about the black skirt tetra fish habitat are ready to equip you with decent knowledge about their original home. Read more about it here. 

Fellow aquarists may have familiarized themselves with the fish's name. With the gradation of black to gray colors from its tail towards its upper body, they usually have two abstract black bars across their body parts near the eyes, which make their appearance such a contrast to a colorful aquarium tank. 

Chances are it is already one of your tank's all-time favorites: the black skirt tetra fish.

Its characteristic as a vigorous and one of the easiest-to-pleased fishes makes it presentable for beginner aquarists as well. Still, exploring the black skirt tetra fish habitat is essential before ensuring that you can get along for a long time with these tiny and mild-tempered fish. 

What Water Condition Does The Black Skirt Tetra Fish Habitat Naturally Be?

Speaking about the water condition they live in their original habitat, there are some technical aspects to be considered if you want to breed or put the black skirt tetra in your tropical aquarium.

This fish is freshwater; they are hardy enough for water variations. But keeping their water condition stable is better for their health and life. 

The temperature in their natural habitat goes in tepid water, yet it is lower than the majority of tropical aquariums you may find. The temperature advised is in the middle range of 78°F – 82°F or 20° to 26° C. 

The acidity concentration of their origins is also sharp, with a range of 6.0 – 7.5 pH. Trying to preserve the DH (water hardness) between 5° to 19° is also suggested to prevent an abrupt and extreme water situation. 

Those technical terms describe how it was in their native habitat in Bolivia and the Paraguay River basin in south-central Brazil. Besides that part of Brazil's fresh water, the black skirt tetra fish also originates in the northeast part of Argentina's freshwater bodies. 

How Living Zone Setup The Black Skirt Tetra Fish Likes?

Black skirt tetra fish are also known to be schooling fish and active swimmers. With that in mind, it is considered normal that they need some open space to swim while exploring. 

They tend to stay in the middle and upper areas of the water surface. Yet, it is interesting enough that they enjoy the shady side of the water with no direct sunlight. Neutral color gravel at the bottom of their living environment provides a subdued light to their likings.  

They prefer to swim in the calmer stream; no wonder they are known to be regulars in small streams, creeks, or river tributaries. However, as active swimmers, the black skirt tetra fish loves to explore their environment. 

Plants as part of their exploration and snacking place as well. Hence, if you want to make them comfortable in the tank, setting some medium-length or large plant types in the background of the aquarium is recommended.  

Keep in mind to free some space for these swimmers while decorating the tank's aquascape.

Imitating a natural scape of the black skirt tetra fish habitat is quite simple. Above all, looking for and stabilizing the water parameters are the most significant work you need to do in order to provide a healthy living environment for them. Note that abrupt changes may cause them stress and weaken their immunity to disease. It also affects their breeding habits. 



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