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Get to know the Channa Asiatica Fish

The original habitat of the Channa Asiatica fish in nature

Channa Asiatica fish is a type of freshwater fish. This cork fish, nicknamed the small snakehead, comes from China. As for its natural habitat, this fish lives in areas with humid conditions, such as rainforests, river crevices, ponds, lakes, and even lives in root piles. This fish lives in waters where the current is relatively slow, such as in the Chang Jiang (Yangtze) river basin and is also found in the Xun river valley in the provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi.

Besides being found in China, this fish can also be found in Europe, Africa, in Florida, United States, and some countries in Asia, such as in Taiwan, and in southern Japan, to be precise, on the island of Ishigaki Shima.

Channa Asiatica fish can live in the wild where the water temperature is 22 to 28 degrees Celsius with a water pH level of 6 to 7.5. Even though it comes from a sub-tropical country, this fish is very adaptable in countries with tropical climates.

Characteristics of Channa Asiatica Fish

The physique of this Channa fish is almost the same as other types of Channa. However, what distinguishes this fish from other Channa fish is the color pattern. This fish has a basic color of gray, black and brown. As for the color of the spots on its body, it consists of light brown, light blue and white.

In the first two years of maintenance, the growth process is very fast and the length of this fish can reach 34 cm. However, for the following years the growth process was very slow.

There are differences in physical shape and size between male and female fish. Male fish have longer anal and dorsal fins and silver spots. The size of these spots is larger than the fins. Meanwhile, for females, the stomach is more distended.

Because this fish is in a humid place, it causes this fish to be immune to hypoxic conditions. Hypoxia is a condition where there is a lack of oxygen levels in the body. In order to overcome this condition, the Channa Asiatica fish will swim up to the surface of the water to breathe oxygen.

When he was young, the Channa Asiatica fish was not too aggressive and was even more docile than other snakehead fish. However, when they grow up and even have a partner, they will kill each other. Therefore, do not place this fish in one maintenance container, it should be placed in a different maintenance container.

Channa Asiatica Fish Food

Like snakehead fish in general, this type of Channa fish is also a predatory fish. In their natural habitat, these fish usually eat insects and smaller live fish. However, if they have been kept or in captivity, they can eat dead food, such as pieces of fish, shrimp or earthworms, as long as they don't eat dry food.

Try not to eat meat from mammals and poultry. Because, it will result in lipids in the body not being able to work properly. If you continue to insist on giving these prohibited foods, then the body will accumulate a lot of fat and even the organ system will decrease.

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