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How to Take Care of Channa Asiatica Fish

a. Water Tank Size

Channa Asiatica fish can be kept in a water tank or maintenance container in the form of an aquarium. Place the Channa Asiatica fish in an aquarium that measures 100 x 45 x 450 cm. Don't forget to clean the aquarium by draining the water regularly so that the quality of the aquarium water is maintained.

b. Gives decoration to the water tank

The habitat of the Channa Asiatica fish is in rivers or lakes where the current speed is quite slow. Therefore, place the Channa Asiatica fish in an aquarium or pond with a slow current. To make it more beautiful, give the aquarium with a variety of aquatic plant decorations, both real and artificial plants. Not only that, add sand, rocks, and wood to the aquarium or water tank, so that they can resemble their natural habitat so that the Channa Asiatica fish that are kept feel comfortable.

c. Choose a tankmate

Because when they grow up these fish will attack each other, so you don't choose tankmates carelessly. If you keep forcing it, the more aggressive fish will prey on the weaker fish, even if it's their partner.

d. Determine the right aquarium background

This background selection aims to beautify the appearance of the aquarium. The choice of colors for the aquarium background for Channa Asiatica fish rearing, consists of green, black and blue, where the three of them will give a different impression.

A black background will give the fish a firm, but unobtrusive impression. The blue color makes the aquarium look fresher and more aquatic. As for the green color, it will give a natural impression on the aquarium.

Apart from selecting the background, to make it more aesthetically pleasing and brighter, you also need to add a UV lamp. It is recommended to give lights that are neutral in color, such as white.

e. Provide nets or iron ram in the aquarium

The characteristics of this fish are very aggressive, active, and like to jump around. So, so that the fish don't leave the aquarium and die in vain, then cover the aquarium with a net or you can also use an iron ram.

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