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Vesicularia dubyana as an aquatic plant for fish aquariums

Vesicularia dubyana, also known as Java moss, is an aquatic plant that belongs to the Vesicularia Genus and the Hypnaceae Family. Of the 135 species in this Genus, only a few species are able to adapt to life underwater.

Vesicularia dubyana provides an excellent shelter for fish. In its natural habitat, namely in southeast Asia, Vesicularia dubyana or Java moss is usually found attached to fallen tree trunks and rocks in humid areas.

Vesicularia dubyana It is a delicate plant that has very small stems, irregularly shaped and branched, having small oval leaves that lie one on top of the other.

As an ornamental fish hobbyist, Vesicularia dubyana can be used as an aquatic plant that can be installed in fish-keeping aquariums. A fish-keeping aquarium will look more natural if it has Vesicularia dubyana installed with Aquascape fish types.

Aquarium water as a place for raising fish and Vesicularia dubyana must have good water quality with a water pH content of 6 - 7.5 and an aquarium water temperature of 22 - 28 degrees Celsius.

maintenance of these aquatic plants can be done in various ways, you can let these plants grow wild. If you feel the need you can also cut these aquatic plants using scissors to control their growth. What's interesting about this plant is that when cut it doesn't float like other types of plants, but instead sinks into the aquarium.

When placed in an aquarium, Vesicularia dubyana needs time to adapt to tank conditions. Don't worry if the plant shows no signs of recovery and growth. This is common, it's just a natural process during which the plant adapts to the climate conditions of the aquarium, it may take a month or more to adapt to the conditions of the aquarium.

If you are interested in keeping Vesicularia dubyana with fish in an aquarium, then you can get it easily, that is, besides being obtained in public waters, you can also buy this aquatic plant in ornamental fish shops or you can also shop online.

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