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How to Keep Glofish in an Aquarium

Keeping Glofish in the aquarium is pretty easy. Make sure to house them in 20 to 40 gallons tanks, maintain the water quality, and create a proper water parameter.

Keeping Glofish in the aquarium is a hot trend among fish lovers. This little fish is a perfect addition to any ornamental tank because of their radiant and blazing color. They are famous for their fluorescent colorations: Starfire Red, Cosmic Blue, Electric Green, Moonrise Pink, Sunburst Orange, and Galactic Purple. Want to pet them too? Check this helpful information below.

How Should I Set Up a Glofish Aquarium?

Glofish are brilliantly active little creatures. Although 10 or 20 gallons are acceptable, it is recommended to house glofish in 20 to 40 gallons tanks or even larger. A blue light frequently comes with a glofish tank. However, this blue light is not a best friend for aquarium plants.

Therefore, make sure to set up some fake plants for your glofish tank. These plants can also fend off any aggression between your fish. It is okay to turn on the blue light as long as you don't keep it on for 24 hours. Add a low white light. It will help your living plants grow. 

How Many Glofish should I keep together?

Glofish can get along with other fish, such as tetras, barbs, and danios. However, avoid aggressive fish. You can house six or more schooling glofish. Glofish tiger barbs can be aggressive and may assault other types of glofish. Hence, it is best to keep them in a one-species tank. As for Glofish rainbow sharks, they can be a bit territorial.

How Do I Get The Glo On?

As some of you may have known, glofish is a genetically modified fish that at first developed by Singapore scientists to detect water pollutants. That is why glofish own bioluminescence characteristics. But, thanks to their alluring, vivid colors, glofish are now more popular as pets.

A great and proper aquarium set will improve this fluorescence gene. Make sure your glofish tank features LED lighting, filter, heater, and filter cartridge. Make your aquarium more gleaming by placing fluorescent ornaments such as luminous gravel and plants. To establish a healthy environment, set the water at between 72 and 80 degrees.

What Should I Do to Extend the Life of My Glofish?

The most important thing about keeping glofish in the aquarium is the quality of the water condition. Unclean water can easily stress and make glofish sick. Make sure to put them in a comfortable space and pay attention to the oxygenation.

To create a proper water parameter, change the water routinely. Your glofish will produce waste. The waste will pollute the water quality because it turns into ammonia, nitrites, and, eventually, nitrates. Another important aspect is the water temperature. To monitor the temperature, use a heater and thermometer.

What Should I Give for My Glofish Diet?

One of the factors making glofish friendly is that they are very easy to feed. They love pellets, frozen foods, flakes, and even gel food. Give them various nutrition varieties. Because glofish like to eat from the water's surface, floating flakes and pellets are best.

We hope the information helps you in keeping glofish in the aquarium. Blue light is recommended for glofish. Not because they need it to live but because blue light improves their glow as they can absorb the light. Blue light can also calm them

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