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Waterwheel for Shrimp Ponds

The balance of the shrimp pond water environment is expected to create a comfortable and safe ecosystem during shrimp farming activities. One of the facilities that plays an important role in creating conditions for shrimp pond aquaculture is by aerating using a shrimp pond wheel.

Aeration is the process of adding air to water to make the dissolved oxygen content in the water sufficient with the help of aeration equipment. Therefore, shrimp cultivators need to know how to determine the need for a shrimp pond wheel and how to make a shrimp pond wheel.

The Function of the Waterwheel in Shrimp Ponds.

The function of the water wheel in shrimp pond cultivation is needed as a supplier of oxygen to the pond. A good pond waters ecosystem requires sufficient dissolved oxygen. One of the needs for dissolved oxygen is supplied by phytoplankton with the process of photosynthesis, but the need for oxygen will not be sufficient for the biota and the processes that occur in it.

Oxygen content in pond water is needed not only in the process of breathing but is also needed in the physical, chemical and biological processes that occur in pond waters. The use of a water wheel in shrimp pond waters is expected to support and anticipate oxygen shortages that can occur at certain times in aquaculture pond waters.

What needs to be known in the process of mixing oxygen in the upper and lower layers of pond waters is that shrimp pond waters are static at a certain height and have different characteristics between the upper and lower layers. The differences in the characteristics of these waters can endanger the life of the shrimp in them. The operation of the water wheel is expected to support the anticipation of significant differences between the layers of pond water, so that the quality of the water produced is relatively the same between the upper and lower layers of shrimp ponds.

How to Determine the Need for a Waterwheel in Shrimp Ponds.

The main function of the shrimp pond wheel is to supply oxygen to the shrimp pond. To find out the number of wheels needed, shrimp farmers also need to know the total shrimp biomass, at least an estimate of the total existing shrimp biomass because it is quite difficult to know the exact number.

Once known, then adjusted to the wheel supply capacity. A shrimp pond wheel with a power of 1 HP (Horse Power) ideally supplies up to 500 kg of shrimp, while a 2 HP wheel can supply oxygen for up to 1 ton of shrimp.

For example, the results of the last sampling of shrimp have 8 tons of biomass. In order for the aquaculture pond to get maximum aeration, 8 pinwheels that have a power of 2 HP are needed to operate in the aquaculture pond.

How to Make a Waterwheel in a Shrimp Pond.

The layout of a good wheel in a pond is very relative or depends on the number and position of the direction of the wheel and the area of the pond owned.

But the most basic thing to know is the rotation of the fan on the water wheel which is expected to produce a water current that can even out the quality of pond water both vertically and horizontally.

how to make a shrimp pond water wheel that can be followed:

a. Use wheels that have proven quality. Many domestic and foreign mill manufacturers offer good quality wheels at low prices.

b. Use a stainless steel dynamo or waterwheel. Try to choose stainless steel.

c. Note the combination of the direction and position of the water wheel on the shrimp pond. This combination must be able to produce a whirlpool that is able to direct the dirt at the bottom of the pond towards pond water disposal (in the middle or side depending on pond construction) so that pond water conditions remain healthy.

d. Note the construction of the waterwheel support poles in the pond.

e. Adjust the position and direction of the water wheel according to the shape of the pond and rotate clockwise. The purpose of setting the direction and position of the wheel is to be able to collect mud to the center and minimize dead zones.

f. Use the grind amount taking into account the age and density of the shrimp population in the pond.

g. Under certain conditions in shrimp ponds, adjust the number of wheels with the level of stocking density of shrimp. As previously explained, what must be considered is that a high density of shrimp requires a greater number of aerators compared to a lower density of shrimp.

The use of a shrimp pond water wheel can have a positive impact on the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the pond. The reason is, the shrimp pond water wheel is one of the shrimp farming facilities that creates conditions for pond waters so that there is a balance in the pond water ecosystem.

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