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7 Ways to Take Care of Channa Fish to Stay Healthy

Channa fish is a type of freshwater fish, currently many Channa fish are kept. Maybe even including you one of them. Even though how to raise Channa fish is fairly easy and simple, there are a number of things you should pay attention to.

What are they? Let's see below!

1. Prepare a suitable water tank.

Some species of Channa can grow to be very large and require a medium to large aquarium or water tank.

An aquarium for larger Channa fish is also needed if you plan to add other fish and plants to it.

In the channa fish tank, aquatic plants can be added. This aquatic plant serves to help keep the fish from getting bored as well as being an area for them to hide.

Channa fish are also known to like to jump. So, a cover is needed at the top of the aquarium to prevent the fish from jumping out.

However, make sure there is still some distance between the glass cover and the water in the tank. This is because Channa fish often rise to the surface of the water to get air.

2. Installing aquarium filters.

You also have to pay attention to the quality of the water in the aquarium. Install the aquarium filter to filter out the remaining dirt.

Channa fish requires good filtration. Because, if the water circulation is not good, Channa fish can become hosts for pests and other diseases.

Aquarium filters can help clean up dirt that can disturb the Channa fish habitat.

However, these fish can make sudden movements that cause muddy tank water and clogged filters. To minimize this, you should use small and medium sized pebbles as a basic ingredient in the aquarium compared to sand.

3. Monitor the water temperature.

Aquarium water should be soft, acidic and low in nutrients. Chana fish likes water at a temperature of 27-28 degrees Celsius with a pH level between 6 - 7.5.

Channa fish require large amounts of oxygen so strong aeration or an efficient filter is needed to maintain dissolved oxygen levels. The required oxygen level is >5 ppm.

4. Provide quality feed.

The feed given to Channa fish must be of good quality. You can provide live animals in the form of earthworms, crickets, and brine shrimp. However, be sure to clean it first.

You can spread the feed on the surface of the water or give it directly with a tweezers. This method depends on the type and size of the Chana fish being kept. In addition, Channa fish can be given artificial feed in the form of pellets.

5. Drain the water tank regularly.

The next way to care for Channa fish is to drain the water regularly. Channa fish need a lot of food so they will produce a lot of waste. Therefore the water needs to be drained regularly.

Although Channa fish can survive poor water conditions, it's best to change 50 percent of the tank water once a week. That way, the cleanliness of the water is maintained from dirty waste.

6. Pay attention to fish health.

Channa fish are susceptible to parasitic and bacterial infections, for example Amyloodinium ocellatum, which are transmitted through infected plants or fish.

This infection can cause the channa's head to constantly shake, swim upside down, and appear lethargic. If this happens, contact your veterinarian immediately so that your pet fish gets proper treatment.

7. Facilitate fish to reproduce.

Ornamental Channa fish is not a difficult fish species to breed. Chana fish can easily spawn if the tank conditions are adequate. However, sometimes it is difficult to know the gender.

The best way is to keep a group of Channa fish in a large tank, then let them mate naturally on their own.

Once spawning occurs, the Channa fish will guard the eggs until they hatch.

Those are 7 ways to care for Channa fish that you can do. Taking the steps above can help Channa fish stay healthy and well cared for.

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