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How to Keep Puntius Denisonii in a Water Tank

When maintaining Puntius denisonii fish, keep the water quality clean, and the tank size should be at least 55 gallons.

Among all Barbs, Puntius denisonii is one of the most stunning and dazzling barbs. Each type of barb fish has a specific marking or color, and Puntius denisonii sports a vivid red stain along the front part of its figure. Puntius denisonii is also known by other names, like the Denison barb, red comet barb, bleeding eye barb, or roseline shark. 

Among fish hobbies, Denison barb is still relatively costly. So when maintaining Puntius denisonii fish in a water tank, make sure to follow these guidelines.

Tank Size

Puntius denisonii is a very active species. The size of an adult Denison barb can reach up to six inches. So, the first important thing to know when maintaining Puntius denisonii fish is the aquarium size. Ideally, your tank size should be at least 55 gallons in capacity. 

Preferably, choose a long tank instead of a tall tank to allow plenty of open water for more free and open swimming. Although denisonii fishes are not territorial, they are highly agile. 

Tank Set-up

Puntius denisonii originally comes from rocky underwater habitat in India. Their original habitats are overgrown with much heavy vegetation. You can replicate that in their aquarium to make them feel at home.

Place some living plants. These living plants can affect the color of Puntius denisonii fish. Later, decorate the tank with driftwood and cavern. For the substrate, you can place some gravel, sand, or decorative crystal pebbles for an aesthetic result.

Water Conditions

Like most captivating fish, their life expands depending on the quality of your water tank. Keeping the water clean when maintaining Puntius denisonii fish is very vital. In their native habitat of mountains in India, the Denison barb is familiar with pristine water in which oxygen levels are high.

Therefore, to keep a happy Denison barb, you must regularly change the water and accurately maintain the tank’s filtration system. It is also a great way to eliminate organic water materials. 

When changing the water, be aware of the sudden temperature drops. Keep the water temperature between 59 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature replicates the conditions of their original habitat. Meanwhile, the water pH should be 6.8 to 7.8, and the water hardness is allowed up to 25 dGH.

Tank Mates

Although Puntius denisonii fish is widely known as a highly active creature, they are typically peaceful fish. However, when placing them with only one to two fish, they tend to be quite aggressive. So, keeping them with a school of at least six to more fish is best. 

Or, you can also place them with a similar or a little larger fish. Their aggression rises when they need to boss each other over while figuring out the hierarchy within the school. Keep a decent number of Red Comet barbs to develop a more natural-looking figure.

When selecting the perfect tank mates for Puntius denisonii, it is better to stick to other kinds of barbs. Other recommended tank mates are rainbow fish, the tetra family, and most kinds of cichlids. The key is giving them plenty of space.

Those are some important things when maintaining Puntius denisonii fish. The water quality is the vital part. Also, avoid sudden water drops.

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