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Glofish Ornamental Fish Business Opportunity

Although some countries banned glofish for trade, glofish business opportunity seems promising as more and more fish lovers search for these stunning glowing buddies.

Fish lovers love agile and colorful species. Featuring the two, glofish has become more and more popular thanks to its radiant stunning fluorescent glow. 

Glofish has six alluring colors: Starfire Red, Cosmic Blue, Electric Green, Moonrise Pink, Galactic Purple, and Sunburst Orange. This little buddy is a genetically modified fish.

Glofish has become a prominent player in the fish market. However, some countries banned the glofish market. Read on to find out more about Glofish business opportunity.

Remarkable Bright, Neon-Colored Fish

Why do glofish rise their fame? One apparent reason is, of course, their bright and blazing color. Indeed, glofish glow! The blazing colors run in their genes. It is because glofish are developed with fluorescent protein characteristics.

This characteristic was taken from jellyfish and sea anemones. Glofish were developed to identify water pollutant. However, the offsprings are now popular in the fish trade. 

A blue light usually comes with a glofish tank. Although glofish don’t need blue light to live, this blue light can help your fish more glowing as they can absorb the light.

Easy to Breed

Glofish business opportunity is promising since breeding glofish is pretty easy. Female glofish can release eggs every two or three days. Each clutch carries up to hundred eggs. Mating male and female glofish is quite simple. You only need to prepare a mating tank that is spacious enough and make sure the water is clean.

Place one male and one female glofish in the tank. Within 48 hours, you will see the mating success when the male and female start chasing each other. Later on, in less than 24 hours, you will see female glofish laying many eggs. Once the male fertilizes the eggs, separate the parents from the eggs.

The eggs are very tiny with pale brown colors. These eggs will hatch in two to three days. Feed the fry with powdered form or liquid foods. After two weeks, you will be able to feed your goldfish with commercial foods such as flakes, pellets, brine shrimp, or bloodworms.

Introduction to the United States market

While some countries banned glofish trade, the United States market started in late 2003 after two years of research by Yorktown Technologies. At that time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that these dazzling creatures posed no threat as they were not used for food purposes.

Besides, glofish are considered to carry no threat to the environment as there’s no evidence to the allegation. Therefore, FDA decided they had no reason to regulate glofish. Glofish market was made legal throughout the United States of America, except for California, which restricts genetically modified fish.

Besides California, some countries also banned glofish for trade. They are Canada, Europe, and Australia. It is because these countries ban genetically modified organisms. Therefore, if you wish to import glofish, make sure the countries don’t restrict glofish trade.

Glofish business opportunity is promising since these genetically modified fish are a stunning and beautiful choice for aquariums. However, make sure your country doesn’t ban glofish for a profit before starting to jump into the business.

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