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Aquarium filter function

The quality of the water in the fish aquarium will not always be of good quality, as time goes by the water in the fish-keeping aquarium the longer the quality will decrease.

The decrease in water quality in the aquarium is caused by the impurities secreted by the fish kept in the aquarium and can also be from leftover feed that is not eaten by the fish.

Dirt and uneaten food scraps can contaminate aquarium water. Such aquarium conditions will cause the water to become cloudy and will cause substances that can be detrimental to fish life.

To maintain the quality of aquarium water to remain optimal, fish hobbyists need to install filters in the aquarium. This aquarium filter is a tool that is made and functioned to convert fish waste into ammonia, then ammonia is converted into nitrites, continues to convert nitrites into nitrates, which in turn will keep the aquarium water clean both from solid impurities and dissolved impurities.

Aquarium filter is also one of the equipment in the aquarium which is important and must be owned by every ornamental fish hobbyist and aquatic plant hobbyist.

In keeping fish in an aquarium, keeping the water quality clean and clear is important. Maintaining water quality is generally done by draining the aquarium water or through a filtration process.

Draining the water in the aquarium is necessary, but with filtration, the quality of the water in the aquarium will be maintained longer.

below will explain some of the functions of the filter in the aquarium, namely:
1. With a filter in the aquarium, we will not drain the water often.
2. Keep the aquarium water clean and clear from solid impurities and dissolved impurities.
3. Forming a home for good bacteria that will convert nitrites to nitrates.
4. Converting fish waste into ammonia, then ammonia is converted into nitrites, then converting nitrites into nitrates is carried out directly in the aquarium.
5. Increase dissolved oxygen levels in aquarium water.
6. Maintain the health of fish and micro-plants in the water.
7. Keeping the aquarium glass from crusting quickly and so it doesn't break easily.

Thus an explanation of the function of the aquarium filter, hopefully it can provide useful information. Thank You.

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