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5 symptoms of sick Koi fish

Koi fish is a type of freshwater ornamental fish that has an attractive shape and color. Koi fish that are kept both in ponds and aquariums can get sick. Like humans, these fish can also show symptoms and signs if the condition of the koi fish is disturbed.

As a Koi fish hobbyist it is very useful if we know the symptoms of the behavior and physical signs of sick Koi fish. By recognizing these symptoms, we can immediately take action before it becomes a disease that can endanger the entire contents of the Koi fish pond.

Below are 5 symptoms that are often seen when the condition of the koi fish body is disturbed:

1. Koi Fish Separate and Silent.

The characteristics of a healthy Koi fish will be active swimming around the pond. if we find a solitary Koi fish silent in a corner of the pond and does not want to join with other Koi fish, we must begin to suspect that the Koi fish is sick. If only occasionally the Koi fish separate themselves and then come back to join, then this usually doesn't need to be suspected as a sick fish. Observe the fish and note if there are other visible symptoms.

2. Koi fish have no appetite.

Healthy Koi fish will respond to the food offered and fight for other fish. However, sick Koi fish will not react.

3. Gasping at the Surface of the Pool.

Usually a healthy fish will breathe regularly, swim calmly and in rhythm with its movements. Characteristics of sick Koi fish will breathe quickly and gasp for air. The movement of the fish already looks out of sync, and is often seen on the surface of the water. This symptom is a symptom due to a lack of oxygen supply. This happens because the function of the respiratory system in fish is disrupted, therefore if we find a Koi fish like this we should already be suspicious.

4. Changes throughout the koi fish body.

There are changes on the surface of the fish's body, namely the appearance of red spots, the appearance of excessive mucus or vice versa, the fish scales feel very dry and rough. The face of the fish looks not fresh, the lips of the fish are reddish, followed by the appearance of a red color at the base of the fins. These symptoms are commonly found in sick Koi fish. Fortunately, these symptoms are only early signs, so this condition may not be severe.

5. Koi fish stay at the bottom of the pond with one side closed pectoral fins.

Healthy fish will generally be active. Koi fish that are sick generally stay at the bottom of the pond with one side of the pectoral fin closed. This symptom of closing fins occurs continuously both during the day and at night. This side-closed pectoral fin can also occur as a fish reaction because the levels of ammonia in pond water are quite high. To overcome this symptom, we can do a water change of 50% and stop eating for 1-2 days.

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