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Characteristics of good quality Koi

Good quality Koi fish can be seen from the shape of the body, color and pattern, and the health of the Koi fish. In determining or choosing good quality Koi fish, we need to pay attention to 3 important factors, which include:

1. Body shape of Koi fish.

a. Koi fish that will be chosen to be kept must have an ideal body shape. The ideal Koi body shape is that the body of the Koi fish has a height and body length ratio of 1: 2. The selected Koi are Koi whose body shape is round, elongated and not too fat.

b. The back line of the Koi fish must appear straight when the fish is seen from above.

c. When swimming, good quality Koi fish have a calm and dynamic swimming style. This swimming style is influenced by the symmetrical position of the fish fins in pairs. Koi fish that have this balanced body line among fish hobbyists are said to be Koi fish like this, namely Koi Fish that have good "jitai".

d. The size of the pectoral fins and pelvic fins in fish must be the same size. As for the size of the dorsal fin and tail fin must be proportional to the height and length of the body.

e. Choose Koi fish that have the shape of eyes, mouth, head and gills that are not deformed and match. 

2. Color and Pattern.

a. If we are going to choose Koi fish, choose fish that have bright and contrasting colors. Likewise for the color pattern, Koi fish must have a color pattern with clear boundaries.

For example, when we are going to choose fish for the Koi Kohaku type, the red color on the Koi Kohaku fish must be really bright and look bright, while for the white color it must be pure white like snow. Fish do not have a yellowish color or do not have any other color spots.

b. The meeting between red and white in Koi fish must have sharp boundaries, no gradations or no shadows of red.

c. The more unique the Koi fish, the better the quality of the fish.

3. Koi Fish Health.

a. When we are going to choose Koi fish, we should not choose fish that look lethargic, swim slowly and have unbalanced movements. Don't choose Koi fish that stay a lot at the bottom of the pond.

b. Do not choose Koi fish whose gills move quickly. The rapidly moving Koi fish gills indicate that the fish is having difficulty breathing.

c. If there is a Koi fish that looks always alone or shunned by other Koi fish, then we should not choose this Koi fish. Koi fish like this indicate that the fish is having health problems.

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