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Tilapia fish characteristics

Tilapia is a type of freshwater fish that is widely kept by fish farmers. In general, Tilapia has the following characteristics:

1. Can Breed easily.

Tilapia has good adaptability to the environment in which it lives and can breed easily. This fish can lay eggs in large numbers and can produce as many as 1,500 eggs for each spawn.

2. It has a grayish black color.

Of the many types of tilapia that exist, generally tilapia has a black-gray body color. As for the seed-sized tilapia, it has stripes all over its body in a transverse position. As the body size grows, the lines on the tilapia body will disappear.

3. Tilapia is a type of omnivorous fish.

Tilapia is a type of omnivorous fish that can eat anything in its environment. In the environmental habitat where Tilapia fish live in nature, these fish mostly eat moss or weeds.

4. There are thorns on the body.

Tilapia has spines on the fins and tail, the spines that grow on the fins and tail function to survive attacks from predators.

5. Tilapia body size.

Tilapia has a medium body size with an average length of about 30 cm from head to tail. There are various types of tilapia that continue to grow from time to time causing a variety of sizes. It is known that there are also types of tilapia that have a small body shape. The small size of the Tilapia fish is caused by the limited food needs in the environment where it lives.

6. Protruding eyes.

Tilapia has protruding eyes, if you look at the eye you will see a white circle on the edge of the tilapia eye.

7. There is a lateral line.

Tilapia has a lateral line. This lateral line has a function to provide balance to the fish's body when swimming.

8. Tilapia Fish Has quite large scales.

Tilapia has scales that are quite large and slimy. Mucus in tilapia has a function to escape from the clutches of predators.

9. Has a flat body shape.

Tilapia has a body shape that is flat, thick and elongated to the side.

10. Tilapia Is a type of cold-blooded animal.

Tilapia is a cold-blooded animal. These cold-blooded animals are called poikilotherms. Tilapia can make adjustments to body temperature when transferred to another environment with different conditions. Both the environment that has hot and cold air, tilapia can immediately adapt their bodies.

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