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The definition of fish farming with the Minapadi system

Welcome back fish hobbyists, on this occasion I will explain or provide information about fish farming through the Minapadi system.

Minapadi is a form of combined farming that utilizes standing water in paddy fields which are being planted with rice as ponds for fish farming with the aim of maximizing the yield of paddy fields.

Minapadi's activities can increase land efficiency because one piece of land is a means for cultivating two agricultural commodities at once, namely agricultural commodities with rice cultivation and fishery commodities with fish cultivation.

the activity of raising fish in rice fields has been carried out for a long time. Minapadi farming is a system of intensifying land use by cultivating several commodities in one integrated farming area, which is often called food commodity diversification.

Minapadi farming activity is an activity in agriculture that organizes nature, labor, capital and management. These four elements are interrelated with each other because his position in farming is just as important.

One of the factors that encourage farmers to carry out Minapadi farming is the limited land that is often owned by farmers and the demands of the situation to meet their daily needs, forcing farmers to look for other business opportunities to increase income. Finally, a new business opportunity emerged, namely to utilize paddy fields in addition to planting rice as well as raising fish in the fields.

Utilization of paddy fields as a place to grow rice as well as to raise fish is acceptable because the maintenance of these two commodities is complementary. This means that these activities can run simultaneously without interfering with each other's success so that in the end a satisfactory result is obtained.

In addition to earning profits from selling rice, farmers can also earn income from selling fish. even though there was a failure in harvesting rice, farmers need not be discouraged because there are still fish harvests.

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