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Types of Feed for Puntius Denisonii Fish

Some great feed for Puntius denisonii fish, which are rich in proteins, nutrients, and vitamins, are bloodworms, daphnia, Cyclops, shrimps, and algae.

Puntius denisonii fish, also widely known as red-line torpedo barb, Roseline shark, Miss Kerala, and Denison's barb, is a handsome addition to any ornamental aquarium. This fish is not very aggressive yet greatly active. Although coming from the wild river of India, the red-line torpedo barb does well in captivity. If you are wondering what kinds of feed for Puntius denisonii fish are, here is the list.


Bloodworms are the most common and popular food for freshwater fish. Bloodworms are also often used as bait for fishing, and you can feed Miss Kerala with living or frozen bloodworms. Bloodworms are very rich in protein and nutrients. However, it is recommended to limit bloodworm feeding. You can give your fish one to two times per week. 


Another feed for Puntius denisonii fish is daphnia. Daphnia is a tiny freshwater crustacean. Daphnia contains two fundamental vitamins, vitamins A dan D. These are very good for fish growth and development. Vitamin A in daphnia also provides a great anti-infective agent. Daphnia is an excellent source of protein as well. Most fish fries are fed with daphnia.



Cyclops is also a great diet for your red-line torpedo barb. Cyclops is a common and popular diet for freshwater fish and invertebrates. Feeding your fish with Cyclops can stimulate growth, appetite, and healthier development. Cyclops also provides rich nutrients that help your fish keep their energy and stamina. Cyclops are also a great source of protein. You don’t have to worry about the risk of parasitic infection either.


Shrimps are also great living foods for Puntius denisonii fish. They serve a great number of proteins and nutrients. Besides, shrimps will also benefit your freshwater tank. Not only your Puntius denisonii fish can hunt them for food, but shrimps also add color to your tank. Shrimps also clean your tank because they’ll eat algae and food waste. 


Puntius denisonii fish are omnivorous. That is why you can add green plants to their diet besides giving them living food. Try algae because, in their natural habitat, red-line torpedo barbs consume algae. Besides serving as a dietary source for your fish, algae will also generate oxygen and increase dissolved oxygen which is great for improving your water quality. Still, ensure these algae don’t take over your tank, as they may grow quite fast.


Another excellent plant source for your fish is spirulina. Spirulina offers high-quality protein content, which is more than 50%. That is why spirulina is also used as a nutritional supplement. Giving your fish the right daily amount of spirulina is okay. Just make sure that you’re not overfeeding your fish. However, give spirulina flakes every few days to prevent your fish from losing their appetite.

Those are some recommendations for feed for Puntius denisonii fish. Because red-line torpedo barb is omnivorous, they will accept many foods. They even accept fresh vegetables.

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