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Types of Diseases That Can Attack Puntius Denisonii Fish

Some diseases of Puntius denisonii fish are caused by parasites and bacteria, which are triggered by poor water quality and inadequate diet.

Puntius denisonii is the endemic fish of Kerala and Karnataka in southern India. You must ensure their diet and water quality when keeping them in an ornamental aquarium. Water freshness is essential when housing a group of Puntius denisonii, also known as red-line torpedo barb, in a tank. When they are not fed properly or due to poor water conditions, there will be common diseases that may attack them. Here are the diseases of Puntius denisonii fish.


Dropsy is when your fish accumulates fluid in their body tissues or cavity. This disease is caused by disrupting the fish’s kidneys or livers. However, this condition may lead to parasitic or bacterial infections if not treated properly. 

Poor water conditions, tank mate aggression, parasites, viruses, and inadequate diet can trigger this condition. You'll need some treatment steps when your Puntius denisonii shows this symptom. First, quarantine the affected fish. Then, add a bit of salt to the quarantine tank. You can also add antibacterial medication.

White Spot Disease

The following diseases of Puntius denisonii fish are white spot diseases. White spot is caused by contagious parasites called Ichyophthirius multifilis. This parasite sticks to the fish's body and moves under the skin. Later, this parasite feeds on the fish’s body fluids and cells. Ichyophthirius multifilis can divide itself thousands of times.

Freshwater fish infected with this parasite, like to rub their body against stones or hard surfaces. They will also show disoriented swimming behavior. If this condition occurs, use zinc-free malachite in a quarantine tank. Use this medicine properly to prevent toxicity.

Fin and Tail Rot

Gram-negative bacteria cause fin and tail rot. This bacterium is harmful. So, if your fish are not treated quickly and accurately, these bacteria may eventually kill your infected fish and can cause other infections in other fish.

Some symptoms are the fin edges turning white, inflamed fins, and even rotted fins. To treat your fish from fin and tail rot, first, place your fish in a quarantine tank. Then, add antibacterial medicine to the water tank. To ensure the same bacteria won’t attack your fish, maintain the water quality and keep the water parameter properly. 

Gold Dust/Velvet

Gold dust or velvet is caused by a parasite called Ooodinium pilularis. This parasite attaches to the fish fins, gills, or skin. Your fish suffer from velvet when they show shortness of breath, lose appetite, and rub their bodies against stones or hard materials. 

Since velvet can spread quickly, it is crucial to take quick action. First, place your infected fish in a quarantine tank. As for the medications, you can try methylene blue to treat the tank. 

Those are four common diseases of Puntius denisonii fish. Remember that quick and proper treatment is vital to ensure your fish recover from the disease. Good luck!

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