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The Habitat of the Nannacara Anomala Fish

Meta description: Nannacara anomala is a suitable fish to keep by beginners. Let’s see where they originally come from and other unique information you’d like to know.

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Nannacara anomala, or golden dwarf cichlid, is a small type of fish that becomes an option by people to be kept as ornamental fish due to the beautiful iridescent sheen of their skin. This dwarf cichlid is said by aquarists to be easy to maintain and tends to be peaceful, making it suitable for those who just jump out into the world of aquariums. 

Where Is Their Geographical Location?

The habitat of the Nannacara anomala fish is originally from South America. That area itself is where you can find a variety of cichlids. However, if you wish to find Nannacara anomala, they usually can be found in certain areas of Rio Aruka in Guyana to the Rio Marowijne in Suriname.

Where Is Their Favorable Place?

Their favorite places to live and swim around are in rivers, creeks, or flooded savannas near the coast. In the wild, they live as couples or groups that occupy the near bottom of the water. They like to move around horizontally than vertically. Hence, the aquarists often suggest having a wider aquarium than a tall one for Nannacara anomala.

How Is Their Suitable Water Condition?

The habitat of the Nannacara anomala fish has a certain water condition that is best for them. The temperature of the water is usually around 22-25°C or 72-77°F. They will not bear cold water that can slow their metabolism because they come from tropical regions.

For the pH level, this golden dwarf cichlid prefers slow-moving water with pH levels between 6-7.5. When they are breeding, they will like slightly acidic water. For the hardness of water, they prefer to be soft even though they can tolerate moderate hardness, ranging from 3 - 8°dH.

They also really like vegetative matter at the bottom of the water floor. They like to hide in dense foliage and rocks. Those places are also used to keep the eggs during breeding. That is why it is crucial to install hiding places if you plan to bring the habitat of the Nannacara anomala fish to your aquarium.

What is Their Favorite Feed?

In the habitat of the Nannacara anomala fish, they are famous for being micro predators. They like to hunt for meaty prey, such as worms, insects, and invertebrates. In the wild, they also like the food alive. They also sometimes eat plants like algae that are rich in fiber.

What Is Their Unique Behavior?

The female can be extremely aggressive to the male after laying eggs, to the point where the female might kill him. The female also will have sort of checkerboard patterns during spawning. For the behavior of eating, they frequently experience periods of easy feeding and periods of scarcity, during which they might go for weeks without eating.

Those are some information related to the habitat of the Nannacara anomala fish. They are indeed a small unique type of cichlid with wonderful conditions and ways of life. These details are important in order to sustain them and as a guide to aquarists who want to keep them at home.


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