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Types of Fish Disease Nannacara Anomala

Meta description: There are some diseases that can threaten Nannacara anomala. Check out the disease here so your fish will not be infected!

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When you decide to keep an animal at home, be it terrestrial, aquatic, or amphibian, you have to fully commit to taking care of them so they will not catch various kinds of disease. Both in the wild and in your home, animals can get exposed to bacteria, parasites, or even poor environmental conditions that can cause disease and make them sick.

If you are the owner of Nannacara anomala or just want to gain knowledge about this fish, here is the list of fish disease Nannacara anomala might get so you can prevent and treat them right:


Sometimes mistakenly called ick, this is one of the most common diseases that fish can get, especially freshwater fish. This disease is caused by the parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Ich is quite easy to determine because it shows clear physical symptoms of the infected fish: the white spots that spread on the fins, gills, and body.

This fish disease Nannacara anomala is highly contagious to the tank mate. So, it will be best if you quarantine the infected fish in a different tank. There are some treatments that can be offered to treat this disease. You can increase the water temperature to 27°C. Another treatment is adding salt to the quarantine tank. Also, remember to change the water regularly. 

Cotton Wool Disease

This is another common freshwater fish disease that is caused by the bacteria Flavobacterium columnare. Apparently, these bacteria already exist in the aquarium and tend to be harmless. However, if the water condition and the immunity of the fish itself are low, this bacteria can eventually infect the fish. 

The most visible symptom is the presence of fuzzy white lesions on the body, fin, or mouth of the infected fish. The cotton wool disease will need antibiotics, especially when the disease becomes severe. Bath salt will also help the fish to recover more quickly.

Swim Bladder Disease

Another fish disease Nannacara anomala is swim bladder disease. As it names, this disease attacks the swim bladder, an organ that makes the fish stay afloat. If Nannacara anomala has this disease, they will not be able to submerge. 

There are various causes of this disease. The wrong diet may cause the fish to have problems with their swim bladder. Physical injuries and diseases such as cysts and tuberculosis can also affect the swim bladder.  

Hole in the Head Disease

Considered prone to the cichlids family, this disease is caused by several factors, such as mineral imbalance, the presence of a parasite called Hexamita, bad water quality, and improper nutrition. The symptoms of this fish disease Nannacara anomala can be seen by the lesion that spread on the head and lateral line.

Just like other diseases, there always be a way to treat this disease. Antibiotics can involve in treating this disease. Other ways can be done by improving water quality and improving the nutrition of the fish. 

It is very true that goldeneye cichlid is a tough guy. However, that does not mean that this fish will be resistant to disease. In fact, there are several fish disease Nannacara anomala that you should be aware of so you can prevent it from infecting your dwarf cichlid.


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