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Types of Feed for Nannacara Anomala Fish

Meta description: Are you beginning to keep goldeneye cichlid? Here is the Nannacara anomala fish feed you have to include in your fish diet.

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It is crucial to pay attention to the feed for every animal, especially those we care for at home. They cannot hunt their own food, so as good owners, we have to provide them with the most suitable feed that can meet their nutritional intake. Certain foods also take responsibility for the physical appearance of the fish, especially the coloration! If you are the owner of Nannacara anomala fish, here is the list of feeds that will be best for them:

Granules or Pellets

This is the basic feed for any fish that can also be Nannacara anomala fish feed. You can give them granules or meaty pellets as their staple foods. If your Nannacara anomala is wild-caught, there is a high chance they will refuse to eat this kind of food. Do not worry; it can be fixed by training them to eat the food. Just give the food gradually, and they will get used to it.

Freeze-dried Feeds

Just like other fish, this golden dwarf cichlid will swallow freeze-dried foods if given. You can feed them with artemia, daphnia, and bloodworm, as well as brine shrimp. It will be nutritious Nannacara anomala fish feed as the food processing preserves the nutritional value of the food.

In fact, they will also be a convenient feed because you do not need to prepare the feed first, and most of the freeze-dried fish feeds out there come with easy packaging. Moreover, they tend to have a long period of time for you to store them. It is because the moisture of the feed is removed, keeping the bacteria from growing and causing the feed to turn bad.

Live Feeds

In the wild, Nannacara anomala will hunt for very small organisms. As an alternative, you can give them pretty much the same kind of feed as the freeze-dried ones, but this time, the feed is fresh and alive. They can bring even much more nutrition to the fish. 

We can take the example from daphnia as Nannacara anomala fish feed. Many different types of digestive enzymes, including cellulase, proteinases, peptidases, amylase, and lipases, are present in daphnia and can act as exoenzymes in the fish's stomach, making them healthy.


The vegetative matter is also an important Nannacara anomala fish feed. Bring giving them vegetables; you can give the fish additional nutrition and make them even healthier. You can occasionally provide them with cucumber, spirulina flakes, and seaweed. Remember to cut them into small pieces, as Nannacara anomala is a small fish.

Nannacara anomala fish feed is easy to find. They tend to be easy with food, and you can find the food anywhere else in both online and offline stores. Always make sure that you take care of them, including providing the most nutritious food so your fish will be healthy and happy.






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