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Get to know the Vieja maculicauda fish and how to keep it in an aquarium

This Vieja maculicauda fish is a type of Cichlid fish originating from Central America, namely in Southern Mexico to Panama. This fish is known as the Blackbelt cichlid, why is it called that because if we observe its body parts, there are vertical black lines encircling the body of this fish.

In its natural habitat, the Vieja maculicauda fish lives in lakes and rivers that have slow currents. This fish lives in an aquatic environment that has moderate lighting levels.

As a freshwater fish and having an attractive body color, the Vieja maculicauda fish are widely kept and used by fish hobbyists as ornamental fish kept in aquariums at home.

Vieja maculicauda fish live in aquatic environments that have a good level of water quality. To characterize or know that the water used as a place to raise fish is of good quality, which can be seen from the pH value of the water, the hardness level of the water, and the temperature.

The following will describe the value of the three water quality parameters, namely:

   The pH value of good water for keeping this fish is 7.2.
2. Level of Water Hardness
    The water hardness level is 12.
3. Water Temperature.
    The water temperature value is 27 degrees Celsius.

The amount of water used to maintain Vieja maculicauda fish in the aquarium is 250 liters. This amount of water is the minimum amount that must be met in raising Vieja maculicauda fish in maintenance containers.

When we keep Vieja maculicauda fish in an aquarium, this fish needs to be fed. Feeding is intended so that fish can live and grow well. A good type of feed for Vieja maculicauda fish is live food in the form of live worms.

It is also necessary to install a filter in the Vieja maculicauda fish aquarium so that the water quality in the aquarium is maintained. Besides filters, we can also install aerators. The purpose of the aerator installed in the aquarium is to increase the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.

To beautify the aquarium, we can install water plants and rocks in the aquarium. The installation of aquatic plants and rocks was carried out with the aim that the aquarium environment would be the same as the environment where the Vieja maculicauda fish live in nature.

The Vieja maculicauda fish has a habit of swimming at the bottom, middle and top near the surface of the aquarium water.

Aquarium water changes also need to be done so that the quality of the aquarium water remains good, especially if the aquarium water looks dirty and gives off an odor, this water change must be done.

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