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How to Keep Vieja bifasciata in a Water Tank

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Keeping Vieja bifasciata is challenging as some fish-keepers might experience difficulty putting both males and females in a tank together, especially the males, which tend to be more aggressive. However, taking care of the water tank is also necessary to learn. Here are some tips for keeping Vieja bifasciata in a water tank.

Pay Attention to the Aquarium Size

For keeping Vieja bifasciata in a water tank, you should make certain that the tank is larger than 48″ x 18″ x 18″ (120cm x 45cm x 45cm). It contains approximately 243 liters of water if you put an individual specimen in it. Once you’ve got a pair or community, you will need a larger aquarium to house them.

Get Ready for the Maintenance

Many species in the Vieja genus enjoy digging, as do Vieja bifasciata. To accommodate the pleasure, you can feed and install the bottom part of the water tank adorned with live plants. Yes, they are herbivorous, and will love them, too. You can add a layer of Salvina or duckweed to add more food. Allow it to float over the aquarium for its additional nutrient source and its tank’s extra shade. 

Set a Great Flooring and D├ęcor

Cichlids like Vieja bifasciata would stay a lot on the bottom, and to give the best benthic idea for them, consider a substrate composed of soft sand. It can help the fish scavenge naturally and safely. Their gills and throat will be saved from the risk of trapped grains in regular size. Gravel can be a choice, but it is too risky. One incredible combination you can pick comes from the mixture of the beauty of tree branches, soft and smooth boulders, as well as some pieces of driftwood. If you still need another accent, you can arrange some plastic piping and pots of flowers.

Go for Functional Filtration

Considering filtration for keeping Vieja bifasciata in a water tank can be an excellent option to keep your water in better quality. To be efficient and ease maintenance, the filtration is ideally positioned externally. The outside installation also works well for heaterstats. You can install them as part of a compact external unit built with a heater element or go for a sump-style filtration. If you are looking for a great alternative, inline heaterstats are sophisticated enough to help than other conventional variants. The classic underwater version of heaterstats must be protected with a strong cover to avoid the fish attack.

Watch the Water Conditions

Maintaining the water temperature, hardness, and pH is crucial to keeping Vieja bifasciata in the aquarium. The general temperature for keeping the fish is around 80 to 85°F (27 – 29°C). Meanwhile, the average hardness value in their natural habitat ranges from 8 to 33°H. Many species from Central America live well in acidic waters, as do Vieja bifasciata fish. Keep the water pH at 7.0 to 8.5 to maintain the normal acidic condition for the fish.

Those are some ideas for keeping Vieja bifasciata in a water tank can try. Bifasciata species are ideally easy to keep and not demanding. All you need to do is to make certain they suit their tankmates as sometimes a pair of fish cannot go well together: the males are better to keep alone. To expand the tolerance, you may put them in a bigger tank, although some admit it is unsuccessful. 


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