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How to Prepare and Maintain Herichthys carpintis fish in aquarium

Herichthys carpintis is a type of freshwater fish that lives in public water environments in rivers in the Mexican region. In terms of breeding this fish reproduces by laying eggs. 

When we see Herichthys carpintis fish has a unique and attractive color so that this fish is suitable to be used as pet fish at home. Fish hobbyists can keep Herichthys carpintis fish in water tanks, namely in aquariums. 

In terms of fish maintenance in aquariums, there are several activities that we need to pay attention to, starting from preparation to maintenance. Below will be described what are the important points when we will prepare and maintain fish in the aquarium, including : 

A. Preparation

1. Water tank 
Aquarium as a water tank can be used to keep Herichthys carpintis fish. The size and shape of the aquarium can be adjusted to the place and the wishes of the fish keeper. The size of the aquarium is adjusted to the amount of water needed to keep Herichthys carpintis fish. The amount of the water needed to keep Herichthys carpintis fish is 200 liters.

2. Water Tank Equipment
Water tank equipment that needs to be prepared include ; Aerators, water filters and lights. Aerators are installed in water tanks to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water. The oxygen is needed by the fish for metabolic processes. Aerators are installed complete with aerator hoses and stones. 

A water filter also needs to be installed in the water tank. The function of the water filter is the same as the aerator, which is to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water, but in addition, the water filter also functions to maintain good water quality. The water filter can filter out the remains of fish waste and the remains of feed that are not eaten by the fish. 

Lights can also be installed in water tanks. The lamp serves to illuminate the water tank so thet the water tank will look beautiful when the lights are turned on. The lamp chosen to be installed in the water tank is a lamp that has a medium lighting level.

3. Water plants and rocks
In order for the aquarium to give a natural impression, we can install water plants and rocks. Water plants and rocks can be obtained at ornamental fish shops. 

4. Fish Kept
Before putting Herichthys carpintis fish into the aquarium, we should be smart in choosing fish. Some things that need to be considered when we will choose fish, namely: 
a. The fish we keep must be healthy and not affected by disease.
b. Fish have agile movements
c. Bright fish color not dull
d. Response to feed given

B. Maintenance 
After we do the preparation activities, the next step is to enter the fish rearing activities. Fish that are kept must of course grow and develop well. In order for fish kept in water tanks to grow well, we need to pay attention to several things including: 

1. Water quality
Good water quality will allow fish to live and grow healthily. Some water quality parameters include pH, water hardness and water temperature. The pH value of water that is good in raising Herichthys carpintis fish is 7, the water hardness level is 7 and water temperature is 22 degrees Celcius.

2. Feed
In order for the fish to grow, it needs to be fed. Herichthys carpintis likes live food. The type of feed is in the form of live worms. The amount of feed given needs to be regulated not to lack and not to excess. 

3. Fish Diseases
Fish that are kept must be healthy because if the fish that are kept are sick then the fish will be less beautiful to look at. Sick fish are affected by several factors including poor environmental conditions, the presence of bacteria, parasites and viruses. Fish medicine needs to be prepared to treat sick fish. The type of medicine that needs to be prepared can be obtained at the nearest ornamental fish shop in your city.

In terms of swimming habits, Herichthys carpintis has a habit of swimming at the bottom of the aquarium, in the middle of the aquarium and at the top near the surface of the aquarium water. This fish can grow up to 25 cm in length.

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