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What do fish hobbyists need to do when keeping Parachromis dovii fish

Parachromis dovii fish is a type of freshwater fish which includes cichlid fish with a large size. The length of this fish can reach 50 – 80 cm with a weight of approximately 14 kg.

Parachromis dovii fish is a native fish from Central America that inhabits public waters in lakes and rivers in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In the process of breeding these fish reproduce by laying eggs.

Ornamental fish hobbyists who have the desire to keep Parachromis dovii fish must know how to keep Parachromis dovii fish well. Stages starting from preparation, maintenance and supervision need to be carried out optimally.


At the preparation stage, there are several steps that we need to pay attention to, namely choosing a rearing container, the amount of water needed and the characteristics of the fish.

1. Maintenance container.

Parachromis dovii fish can be kept in water tanks. This water tank can be a maintenance container made of glass.

In the water tank you can install some water plants and rocks. We can also install lights in the water tank. The lighting level of the lamp installed in the Parachromis dovii fish rearing water tank must have a moderate lighting level.

Apart from that, we also need to install an aerator or water filter. The function of both tools is to increase the dissolved oxygen content in water. However, this water filter also has another function, namely to maintain optimal water quality in the maintenance container.

2. The amount of water.

The amount of water needed to raise fish is related to how large the rearing container is used. The Parachromis dovii fish requires a large and spacious area to move around. The amount of water needed to maintain this fish is 400 liters.

3. Characteristics of fish.

The Parachromis dovii fish has an aggressive nature, therefore, when keeping this fish you need someone who is experienced in keeping ornamental fish. But for the novice ornamental fish hobbyist, you can also raise this type of fish as long as you always pay attention to the stages of maintenance and find a lot of information about how to raise good Parachromis dovii fish.


In this maintenance stage, several things you need to know are the type of feed given and the water quality.

1. Feed type.

Parachromis dovii fish like live food because this fish is a type of carnivorous fish. The food that this fish likes is live worms.

2. Water quality.

The quality of the water in the rearing container influences the survival of the fish. Water quality parameters that need to be considered are pH, water hardness level and temperature. A good water pH value is 7, water hardness level is 10 and water temperature is 24 degrees Celsius.


This stage includes how we monitor the possibility of disease attacks that can attack pet fish.

Just like other types of fish, the types of diseases that can attack fish can be bacteria, parasites and viruses. We can provide medicines for use if the fish being kept are attacked by disease.

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