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Fish farming in your backyard

With the increase in population, the need for food will also increase. In addition, the increase in population will increase the number of housing needs. The increasing number of housing needs will require land to build houses. The land needed to build a house can be in the form of fishery land or agricultural land. 

Land conversion from agricultural land or fishery land to residential areas that are common in big cities will affect the decline in agricultural or fishery cultivation land. Fish farming in the yard is a solution in solving both of these problems, besides being able to be used as a business fish farming in the yard can also be used as an activity that can produce fishery products that can be used to produce fish production for daily consumption needs.  

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There are many types of businesses carried out in the field of agribusiness, from small businesses, medium businesses to large businesses.  The fish farming business in the yard can be categorized as a small business which is a form of business utilizing the land of the house yard which is made or done in such a way that the fish farming business in the yard can be used as a main business or a promising side business. 

Some types of businesses that are included in the fish farming business in the yard are one of them fish farming in a bucket. Fish farming in a bucket is a type of fish farming business by utilizing a bucket as a medium for raising fish. The types of fish that are suitable for cultivation in buckets are catfish and gouramy. Catfish and Gouramy are freshwater fish species that can adapt to aquatic environments with limited oxygen content. 

In addition to buckets as a medium for fish cultivation in your yard, you can also use or make a yard pond or aquarium as a place to raise fish. Ponds in the yard of the house are made with a size that is not large, generally measuring only 2 x 4 m2. With this limited size, intensive fish farming activities are needed, namely by using a high stocking density. However, it should also be noted that fish farming activities with high stocking densities are at risk to the health of the fish being raised. To maintain the health of the fish, it is necessary to use aerators or water circulation using filters in order to maintain the level of water quality at an optimal level. 

For fish farming activities in the yard using fish rearing media in the form of aquariums, suitable fish farming activities are fish farming activities in the form of ornamental fish species such as cory catfish, Glofish and others.

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