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Several factors affect the price of gouramy

Gouramy as a freshwater fish is a type of fish that is commonly consumed by the public because it has delicious meat and has good nutritional value. Some of the benefits of consuming gouramy are maintaining heart health, helping brain development, helping maintain healthy skin and helping maintain weight. 

If we look at the price of fish in one kg, gouramy has a relatively high price when compared to other types of freshwater fish such as catfish, tilapia and carp. gouramy has a price of Rp50,000/kg-Rp60,000/kg, catfish Rp28,000/kg-Rp39,900/kg, tilapia Rp35,000/kg-Rp39,000/kg and carp Rp30,000/kg-Rp40,000/kg.

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The price of gouramy in the Indonesian market tends to fluctuate and can go up and down. Some factors that affect the price of gouramy include: 

1. Production costs.

Production costs in gouramy fish farming are costs incurred to produce or costs incurred to carry out gouramy farming activities. Production costs can affect the price of gouramy. Gouramy production costs include seed costs, feed costs, operational costs, and maintenance costs. Production costs will affect the price. If the production costs are high, the price of gouramy will also be high.

2. Market demand. 

Market demand is the amount of demand for goods and services from all consumers in the market, both on a micro and macro scale. The price of gouramy products can be influenced by market demand. According to the law of demand, provided that all other things are equal, when the demand for an item increases, the price of the item will increase, while when the demand for an item decreases, the price of the item will decrease. So when the demand for gouramy products increases, the price of gouramy will also increase. 

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3. Availability of gouramy stock. 

The process of cultivating gouramy, which takes a long time and requires large business capital, can affect the availability of gouramy stocks on the market. If the availability of gouramy stock decreases, it will have an impact on the increase in the price of gouramy. 

Gouramy fish farming has promising potential to be run as a business, both on a small and large scale. As mentioned above, the supporting factors for the success of the gouramy farming business include its relatively higher selling price compared to other types of freshwater fish. In addition, the demand for gouramy by restaurants and eateries is increasing day by day. 

Currently, market information about gouramy products, fish prices, sellers, and seller locations can be easily obtained through the internet media. The presence of an online shop will make it easier for sellers to sell gouramy products and can also make it easier for buyers who need gouramy. 

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