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Guidance on increasing the production of Cyprinus carpio fish farming

Fish is one of the food ingredients needed by the community to fulfill the need for animal protein. Fish meat generally contains protein, vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron, selenium, zinc, and iodine which are beneficial for our bodies. 

Cyprinus carpio fish is a freshwater fish that has important economic value and is widespread in Indonesia. Cyprinus carpio fish is classified as a popular consumption fish in Indonesia and is consumed by the community to meet nutritional needs of animal origin. 

Cyprinus carpio fish (

The number of Cyprinus carpio fish produced by fish farmers needs to be increased so that the market demand for Cyprinus carpio fish can be met. 

Below can be seen the things needed in an effort to increase the production of Cyprinus carpio fish: 

1. Quality of Cyprinus carpio fish fry stocked.

Choose high quality and superior Cyprinus carpio fish seeds for cultivation. Superior fish seeds will produce healthier and more productive fish. Superior Cyprinus carpio fish seeds are produced from superior Cyprinus carpio fish parents. The characteristics of superior Cyprinus carpio fish seeds include fast growth, tolerance to environmental conditions, resistance to disease and response to the feed given.  

2. Application of Cyprinus carpio fish farming technology.

The application of modern technology such as aeration systems, filtering, and temperature control can help increase fish productivity.

3. Cyprinus carpio fish feed given.

The feed given should be appropriate and balanced. The right feed will help improve fish growth and productivity. Cyprinus carpio fish feed can be either natural feed or artificial feed. Both types of feed must contain the right grain value. 

To ensure the growth and health of Cyprinus carpio, proper nutritional requirements must be met. The protein requirement of Cyprinus carpio fish depends on the type and age of the fish. Juvenile Cyprinus carpio fish require feed with a protein content of about 35%. Meanwhile, adult Cyprinus carpio fish only need 30% protein. Cyprinus carpio fish in the growing period need at least 45% protein.

4. Good Water Management.

Make sure the water quality used for Cyprinus carpio fish farming is good and maintained. Good water quality will help improve fish health and productivity. Some parameters that need to be considered in determining good water quality for Cyprinus carpio fish farming include:
a. Water temperature. 
    The ideal water temperature for Cyprinus carpio fish farming is between 25-30°C.
b. water pH. 
    Cyprinus carpio fish like water with a neutral to slightly acidic pH, which is between 6.5-7.5.
c. Oxygen content. 
    Cyprinus carpio fish need sufficient oxygen to breathe comfortably. The oxygen level in the water should be kept above 5 mg/L.
d. Water clarity. 
    Cyprinus carpio fish need clear water. Clear water is intended to allow sunlight to penetrate to the bottom of the pond or aquarium. Turbid water can harbor bacteria or parasites that are harmful to fish health.

5. Production management of Cyprinus carpio fish farming. 

The implementation of Cyprinus carpio fish farming production management starting from planning, organizing, implementing and supervising needs to be done as well as possible by carrying out good production management so that Cyprinus carpio fish farming activities will run well and finally the main goal of increasing production will be achieved.

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