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How to increase Catfish Farming Production

Catfish is a type of freshwater fish that is widely consumed b Indonesians because it tastes good if this fish is fried or grilled. This catfish is a type of fish that easily recognized by everyone. The Characteristics of catfish are that it has aslippery body, is slightly flattened lengthwise, and has a long “mustache”. This catfish mustache sticks out from around the mouth. 

Catfish is high in protein with a very low fat content. This makes catfish a very healthy fish to consume. In addition, catfish contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty aids needed by the body. 

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The demand for catfish meat is increasing day by day. With the increasing market demand, the amount of catfish produced by fish farmers needs to be increased so that the market demand for catfish can be met.

Below is a look at what it takes to increaasing catfish production :

1. Quality of stocked catfish fry. 

Catfish seed that will be stocked must be of high quality and superior for cultivation. Superior  seeds will produce healthier and more productive fish. Superior catfish seeds are produced from superior catfish parent. The characteristics of superior catfish seeds include fast growth, tolerance to environmental conditions, resistance to disease and response to the feed given. 

2. Application of catfish farming technology.

Use modern technology such as catfish farming systems by using catfish farming systems with bioflock systems, temperature control to help increase fish productivity. 

3. The catfish feed given

Provide the right and balance feed for catfish. The right feed will help increase fish growth and productivity.  Catfish feed in the from of natural or artificial feed mus contain the right grain value. To ensure the growth and health of catfih, proper nutritional requirements must be met. 

The protein requirement of catfish depends on the type and age of the fish. Juvenile catfish need feed with a protein content of about 35%. Meanwhile, adult catfish only need 30% protein. Catfish in the growing period need at least 45 % protein. 

4. Good water management.

Make sure the water quality used for catfish farming is good and maintained. Good water will help improve fish health and productivity.

Some parameters that need to considred in determining the quality of water suitable for catfish farming include. 

a. Water temperature.

The ideal water temperature for catfish farming ranges from 25-30 degrees Celsius. 

b. pH of water.

Catfish like water with a neutral to slightly  acidic pH, which is betwen 6,5 – 7,5.

c. Oxygent content.

Catfish need sufficient oxygen to breathe comfortably. The oxygen level in the water should be maintained above 5 mg/L.

5. Production management of catfish farming.

The aplication of production management of catfish farming in pods. Namely the application of planing, organizing, implementing and supervising management needs to be done as well as possible. The Implementating good production management in catfish farming is not easy. The implementation of this production management needs support from the people involved in catfish farming activities. Catfish farming in the pond will run well and finally the main goal of increasing fish production will be achieved.

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