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How to keep a good Aequidens curviceps fish in an aquarium

The Aequidens curviceps fish is a type of freshwater fish that lives in the Brazilian Amazon watershed. In nature, Aequidens curviceps fish reproduce by laying eggs. This fish has an attractive shape and color so that Aequidens curviceps fish is often used as an ornamental fish that is maintained in an aquarium at home. 

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Fish hobbyists who are still confused about how to keep Aequidens curviceps fish well in the aquarium then in this article I will explain how to keep Aequidens curviceps fish well in the aquarium. 

In keeping fish, both freshwater and marine fish, there are several things that need to be considered, including the container where the fish are kept, the quality of the water used to keep the fish, the feed given to the fish and how to care for and maintain the fish. 

Aequidens curviceps fish can be placed in an aquarium with a rectangular shape or even an aquarium with a circular shape. But generally, the aquarium used is a rectangular aquarium. 

The amount of water volume needed to keep Aequidens curviceps fish is 75 liters. The water used to keep this fish is fresh water that has good quality. If you are going to put fish into an aquarium that contains fresh water, the fresh water that will be used should be allowed to stand first, which is approximately 5 days. 

Then after preparing the next maintenance container we must pay attention to the quality of the water to be used. Water quality parameters that need to be considered include pH, water hardness and water temperature. The pH value of aquarium water is 6.8. Then for the value of water hardness is 8 and the water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. 

In the activity of keeping Aequidens curviceps fish in the aquarium, fish need to be fed so that the fish can live and grow well. The type of feed that can be given to Aequidens curviceps fish is in the form of artificial feed which is widely available in ornamental fish shops. 

After that, to keep the fish healthy and the water quality remains good, we need to take good care of the fish. The activities carried out are by cleaning the aquarium and draining the aquarium water regularly. 

Aequidens curviceps fish can grow to a size of 7.5 cm. This fish has a habit of swimming at the bottom, center and top of the aquarium surface. 

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