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Keeping Herotilapia multispinosa fish in a water tank

Herotilapia multispinosa, also known as rainbow cichlid, is a freshwater fish from the cichlid family. It is native to Central America. Herotilapia multispinosa can be found on the Atlantic slopes of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Herotilapia multispinosa fish in nature reproduce by laying eggs. This fish likes an environment with moderate lighting levels. 

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If we intend to keep Herotilapia multispinosa fish at home, we can keep this type of fish in a maintenance container in the form of an aquarium. keeping fish in aquariums is done by many people, especially ornamental fish fish hobbyists.

Fish that are kept in aquariums can provide benefits for people who care for them. Some of the benefits of keeping ornamental fish in an aquarium are reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, increasing calmness and happiness.

To start keeping Herotilapia multispinosa fish in the aquarium there are several things that need to be considered, including: 

1. Maintenance container.

The water tank used can be an aquarium made of glass. The shape of the aquarium can be rectangular. The amount of water used to maintain Herotilapia multispinosa fish is 100 liters. 

Rocks and aquatic plants can also be installed in the aquarium. These rocks and water plants are installed in the aquarium with the aim of beautifying the aquarium and also to create an atmosphere in the aquarium like the atmosphere where Herotilapia multispinosa fish live in nature. 

2. Water quality. 

Aquarium water quality also needs to be considered so that the fish can live and grow well. Water quality parameters that need to be considered are pH, water hardness and water temperature. The pH value of the aquarium water is 7, the water hardness is 10 and the water temperature is 24 degrees Celsius.  

3. Feed.

Herotilapia multispinosa fish kept in aquariums need to be fed. Feed for fish is needed to maintain and grow the fish body. The type of feed that can be given is artificial feed which can be obtained at ornamental fish shops. 

4. Maintenance. 

In the maintenance of Herotilapia multispinosa fish in the aquarium, the water quality decreases over time. To keep the aquarium water quality optimal, the aquarium needs to be cleaned and drained regularly. 

Herotilapia multispinosa fish that are kept can grow up to 10 cm in length. These fish have the habit of swimming at the bottom, in the center and near the surface of the aquarium. 

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