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How to keep Aequidens pulcher fish in an aquarium

Aequidens pulcher fish is a type of freshwater fish that lives in a water environment that has a moderate level of lighting. This fish comes from Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia and Venezuela. 

For some people keeping fish in an aquarium is a fun activity, especially when the fish they keep is a type of fish that has a beautiful color and shape. Aequidens pulcher fish is a type of fish that can be kept in an aquarium in your home because this fish has a beautiful color and shape. 

Aequidens pulcher fish (

In keeping Aequidens pulcher fish in the aquarium there are several things that need to be considered, including the maintenance container, the fish being kept, water quality, feed and care. 

1. Maintenance container. 

Aequidens pulcher fish can be kept in an aquarium with a rectangular shape. The amount of water needed to fill the aquarium as much as 150 liters. To beautify the aquarium aquatic plants and rocks can be installed in the aquarium. Installation of plants and rocks in the aquarium can also serve to create an aquarium environment similar to the environmental conditions where Aequidens pulcher fish live in nature. 

In addition to aquatic plants and rocks in the aquarium, it is also necessary to install a water filter or aerator. Water filters and aerators have a function to increase the dissolved oxygen content in water. In addition, the water filter also has its own function, namely to maintain optimal aquarium water quality conditions. 

2. Fish that are kept. 

Characteristics of good quality Aequidens pulcher fish: 
- Fish have bright colors
- Fish color is not pale
- The fish has a lively movement
- Fins and scales are neat, not damaged and not deformed. 
- When given feed the fish responds to the feed given.

Aequidens pulcher fish (

3. Water quality.

To keep the fish healthy, the water quality in the aquarium must be good. Water quality parameters consist of pH, water hardness and temperature. The amount of water quality value needed to maintain Aequidens pulcher fish is a pH of 7, water hardness of 10, and a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. 

 4. Fish feed. 

Aequidens pulcher fish kept in an aquarium need to be fed. The type of feed given to Aequidens pulcher fish is in the form of live food, namely live worms. 

5. Care and maintenance. 

Aquarium water quality is decreasing over time to maintain and restore water quality to good conditions, the water in the aquarium needs to be replaced and cleaned. 

Aequidens pulcher fish reproduce by laying eggs and this fish can grow to a size of 20 cm long. Aequidens pulcher fish have the habit of swimming at the bottom, in the middle and above near the surface of the water.

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