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How to keep Gold saum fish in an aquarium

Gold saum fish is a type of freshwater fish that comes from the Cichlid family. This fish comes from the Pacific side of South America. Gold saum fish live in public waters in rivers that have moderate lighting levels. 

When viewed from the body shape, fins and colors, Gold saum fish are suitable to be kept and used as ornamental fish because these fish have beautiful shapes and colors. Ornamental fish hobbyists will also feel interested and happy if they see this fish kept in an aquarium. 

When we are going to keep Gold saum fish in an aquarium there are several things we need to pay attention to including maintenance containers, water quality, feed and care.

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Maintenance container.

The maintenance container that can be used to keep Gold saum fish must be selected from safe materials, usually for the selected maintenance container is an aquarium made of glass. The shape of the aquarium used to keep Gold saum fish can be rectangular or rectangular with a half circle at the front. The volume of water needed to keep Gold saum fish is as much as 200 liters. 

Aquariums used to keep Gold saum fish can be installed with water plants and rocks. These water plants and rocks serve to beautify the aquarium environment and also serve to create an aquarium environment similar to its natural environment. 

Aquarium lights can also be installed in the aquarium. aquarium lights serve to illuminate the fish and aquarium especially at night. The aquarium lamp chosen for keeping Gold saum fish is an aquarium lamp that has a medium level of lighting. 

To maintain optimal water quality and to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water, a water filter with a circulation pump and aerator can be installed in the aquarium. 

Water quality. 

In keeping Gold saum fish in the aquarium, we also need to pay attention to water quality so that water quality can be controlled properly. Some water quality parameters include pH, water hardness and temperature. The pH value of aquarium water is 7.2. The water hardness value is 10 and the aquarium water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. 

Fish feed.

Gold saum fish when kept in an aquarium need to be fed. Feed functions for growth and creates an immune system in fish. The type of feed used for this fish is artificial feed which can be obtained from ornamental fish shops. 


The water in the aquarium is decreasing in quality over time. In order for the water quality to remain optimal, the aquarium water needs to be drained. In draining activities, aquarium water should not be drained all the aquarium water to be replaced is about 10% to 15% of the total volume of water every week. 

Gold saum fish in nature reproduce by laying eggs. These fish are aggressive and have a habit of swimming at the bottom, center and top near the surface of the aquarium. Gold saum fish can grow to a length of 16 cm.

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