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The difference between gourami and tilapia

Gourami and tilapia are both types of freshwater fish. Both fish in Indonesia are a type of fish that is widely cultivated by fish farmers and these fish are often used as consumption fish. From the similarities of the place of life of fish in freshwater and is a type of commonly cultivated consumption fish, Gurami fish and tilapia fish both have several differences. These differences can be described in the explanation below: 

1. Scales fish.

 Gourami fish have large and rough scales while Tilapia fish scales are small and smooth. 

Gourami fish (

2. Body shape.

The body shape of Gourami fish has an oval body shape, rather long, flat, and high back while the body shape of Tilapia fish has an elongated and flattened body shape to the side.

3. Traits and habits. 

Judging from its nature and habits, gourami fish have a calmer and less active nature than tilapia. Gourami fish usually live in deeper waters while tilapia fish are usually more often found in shallow waters.  

4. Taxonomy.

When viewed from the taxonomy of gourami and tilapia, there are differences in gourami belonging to the Actinopteri class while tilapia belong to the Osteichtyes class.

5. Protein. 

Fish is one of the food ingredients that contains high protein. The protein content for each type of fish is different. When viewed from the protein content between gourami and tilapia, the protein content of tilapia is higher when compared to the protein content in gourami. 

Tilapia fish (

6. Fat.

In addition to protein, the difference between gourami and tilapia can be seen from the fat content. The fat content in gourami fish is more when compared to the fat content in tilapia fish.

7. Labyrinth.

The labyrinth is an additional respiratory device in fish in the form of irregular hollow folds. Gourami is a type of fish that has a labyrinth while tilapia does not have a labyrinth. 

8. Type of food.

When viewed from the type of food, both gourami and tilapia are omnivorous fish, namely fish that have the habit of eating meat and plants. However, when viewed from a more specific difference between gourami and tilapia, gourami have a habit and like plant food in the form of sente leaves (Alocasia macrorrhiza).

9. Fish price. 

The price of gourami and tilapia fish has a different price. Gourami fish has a relatively higher price when compared to the price of tilapia fish for each kilogram. 

Thus some differences between gourami and tilapia, hopefully the information conveyed is useful. Thank you for your visit.

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