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Things to consider when feeding arowana

In order for the arowana fish kept in the aquarium to grow healthy and strong, the feed given to the arowana fish must be good. The feed given to arowana fish must be clean and contain high nutrition. This Arowana fish is a type of canivorous fish that eats meat. In the wild, arowana fish are predatory and have a variety of food choices. Some of the favorite foods of arowana fish in their natural habitat are small fish, insects, frogs, shrimps and small amphibians.

The food given to the Arowana fish must be in accordance with the age and size of the fish's mouth opening. For Arowana fish that are still small with mouth openings that are not yet wide, the right food to give to these fish is frozen blood worms or silk worms. These frozen bloodworms can be easily obtained at ornamental fish shops. 

In addition to frozen blood worms, Arowana fish kept in aquariums can be fed in the form of Arowana pellets, make sure the pellets given to Arowana must have nutrients that are in accordance with the needs of Arowana fish. Then small fish can also be given to Arowana fish. The types of fish that can be used as feed for Arowana fish are Osteochilus vittatus fish, small goldfish, small tilapia and small catfish. The small fish given must be clean and not contain disease seeds that can endanger the Arowana fish being kept. 

Feed given to Arowana fish can be given 2- 3 times a day. Arowana fish are given enough feed, namely giving feed to the Arowana fish until the Arowana fish is full if the Arowana fish has not responded to the feed given, the feeding must be stopped because if the feed is not eaten it is feared that the feed will rot and result in a decrease in aquarium water quality. 

One tip to keep the feed fresh and healthy is to provide a special shelter for arowana feed. This shelter can be in the form of a tub or aquarium that can be filled by arowana feed in the form of small fish. 

Choose and look for types of arowana feed that are easy to obtain and available around your home. The types of feed that have been mentioned above are types of feed that are easily obtained and are widely available in ornamental fish shops and fish sellers.  

That's all the explanation about the things that need to be considered when feeding arowana fish. Thank you for your visit. 

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