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How to keep Guianacara geayi fish in an aquarium

In this article I will explain how to properly keep Guianacara geayi fish in an aquarium. Guianacara geayi fish is a type of freshwater fish that lives breeding by laying eggs. 

Guianacara geayi fish has a characteristic white color with black vertical lines on its body. If we want to keep this fish in the aquarium, there are several things we need to pay attention to, including: 

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1. Selection of maintenance containers. 

The maintenance container can be an aquarium. Because the Guianacara geayi fish is a type of freshwater fish, the water source needed to maintain this fish can be sourced from well water or tap water.  The amount of water needed to maintain Guianacara geayi fish is 200 liters. 

2. Fish selection.

Guianacara geayi fish that will be kept must be healthy and agile. If we are going to buy this fish, choose fish that have bright colors, have agile movements and respond to the feed given. 

3. Water quality.

The water used to keep Guianacara geayi fish must be good quality water with a pH content of 7.5. The water hardness level is 12 and the water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. 

4. Fish feed.

Guianacara geayi fish that are kept in an aquarium must of course be fed. Good feed for this type of fish is in the form of artificial feed such as pellets. 

5. Maintenance.

This fish maintenance activity includes cleaning the aquarium and draining the aquarium. Aquarium water will decrease in quality over time to keep the quality of aquarium water good, aquarium water needs to be drained by removing some of the water in the aquarium. 

Guianacara geayi fish has an aggressive nature with this aggressive nature if we are going to keep this fish together with other fish then we need to choose other types of fish that have the same size so that the fish that are kept with Guianacara geayi fish do not experience stress. 

Guianacara geayi fish have a habit of swimming under the aquarium, in the middle of the aquarium and at the top of the aquarium close to the aquarium water surface. Guianacara geayi fish can grow to a length of 15 cm. 

That's how to keep Guianacara geayi fish in an aquarium. thank you for visiting. 

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