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How to Maintain Guppies in The Aquarium

Meta: Guppies are the most widespread fish which are easy to take care of. Maintaining guppies in the aquarium needs some techniques. Here we present those techniques for you.

Guppies are the most prevalent tropical aquarium fish that have gorgeous and matchless patterns of colors. They are great for people who have less experience in maintaining aquarium fish since they are fairly easy to care. To maintain guppies in the aquarium, you need to ensure that you have already mastered these techniques or tips for your guppies to grow well.

Arranging the best habitat for Guppies

To maintain guppies in the aquarium, you need to prepare an eligible aquarium for them. Ensure that your tank is large enough for guppies to swim. Your tank should take in 1 gallon (3.8 Liters) of water for every guppy. For example, if you have three guppies, you’ll need 3 gallons (11.4 Liters) tank. Consider this important thing if you don’t want your guppies to get sick because of the overcrowded tank.

Keep the number of male and female guppies in the ratio 1:2 in one aquarium because the male guppies will harass and chase the female guppies. It can lead to killing them if the number of females is less than males. Besides, you can put some hiding spots for guppies to reduce their stress. Maintaining water quality is also important. You should clean the tank frequently by changing the water once a week. Don't’ forget to set the temperature between 10 and 29 C.

Nourishing Guppies

Feed your guppies with high-quality tropical fish flakes. Ensure that your guppies consume both protein and vegetable to get a balanced diet. Feed them as many as your guppies can eat in a few minutes every morning and night. Don’t overfeeding them since it can lead to some diseases. Furthermore, give them alive food once a week as their supplements, such as mosquito larvae, bloodworms, fruit flies, and all appropriate alternative.

Those are two useful tips to maintain guppies in the aquarium. Last but not least, give more attention toward your sick guppies. Those techniques will make your guppies grow well in the aquarium.


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