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Types of Platys Disease and How to Treat Them

Meta: even though platys are hardy fish; they still have the risk to get infected by some diseases. Knowing those diseases and how to treat them could save their lives.

Platys are considered hardy fish. However, they still have the risk to get infected by common tropical fish diseases. Their diseases are commonly caused by stress and bad water quality. Knowing the types of platys diseases will help you to keep your platys healthy. Here are three types of platys diseases including how to treat them.

Ich Disease

Ich disease is not easily recognized; it is one of the prevalent diseases for tropical fish. It is a parasite that makes the platys bodies to have some spots. The Ich disease should be cured as soon as possible, or your platys will get respiratory damage and severe infections. One of the treatments you need to do is giving medications that are recommended by a vet. Besides, you also need to increase the water temperature for a while, then turn it back to normal temperature.

Fin Rot

Another disease that commonly infects Platys is Fin Rot. When knowing that there is something wrong with your platy’s fins, you need to give them antibiotics. This is important since fin rot is caused by bacterial infections—in the tail or fin. You can add the antibiotics while feeding your platys. We recommend you give them chloromycetin or tetracycline.

Red Swollen Anus

When you see your platys show a swollen red anus, they might be infected by a bacterial infection. Red Swollen Anus happens because of improper feeding. Don’t wait; you need to give them the recommended medication as soon as possible.
Those are types of platys diseases and how to treat them. However, prevention is better than cure. Maintaining a good quality of water, balancing a healthy diet for platys, and reducing the level of stress by giving them the best habitat are the best thing you can do to avoid your platys get infected by the diseases. We recommend you quarantine anything added into your aquarium including tank mates, plants, and any decoration.


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