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Types of Guppies Fish Disease and How to Treat Them

Meta: Guppies have high risk of getting infected by disease if they are stressed. Identify those type of disease and treat them right away.

For you who are maintaining guppy fish, we have both bad and good news. The bad news is that your guppies might get affected by some diseases which are harmful to them. However, the good news is that these diseases can be cured by certain techniques based on the types of diseases. There are numerous types of guppies fish disease, but we will only share the most common ones. Here we present those types of common types of guppies fish disease and how to treat them.

White Spot (Ich or Ick)

The most common types of guppies fish disease is a white spot (also known as Ich or Ick). The guppies which are infected by this disease are commonly lost their appetite. Another symptom is the fish will rub their skin against rocks, plant leaves, and decoration of the sides of the tank. To cure this disease, you need to gradually increase the water temperature to 80 F. Furthermore, give medication as recommended. Do it for 4-7 days, then decrease the water temperature to normal.

Velvet (Oodinium)

If your guppies get affected by this illness, their bodies will be covered with tiny gold colored dots. This disease is relatively difficult to be noticed in the early stage. Most of guppy’s keepers will realize it when the guppies are bleeding. To cure this illness, consult a vet about the best medication as soon as possible. Turn off the lights of your aquarium during the healing process.


This disease commonly affects guppies when water quality is bad. This tiny living thing can attach to the fish skin and gradually go into the guppy’s bloodstream. To treat it, you can add a water heater to your aquarium. Use formalin and other recommended medication to cure this disease.
Those diseases that have been mentioned above can affect other fishes, but guppies have more risk than others. All those diseases are caused by stress. Hence, don’t let your guppies stress. Feed them what they need and give them the best environment to live.


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