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How to Maintain Platys in The Aquarium

Meta: Platys are peaceful and easy-to-care fish. Providing them with the best habitat, proper mates, and nourishing diets will help them to grow well. Look at our following tips to get more information.

For you who are beginners in maintaining fish, platys are perfect for keeping. First introduced in 1907, platys have been one of the popular fishes in the world. Even though platys are considered as easy-to-care fish; you need to know some proper techniques to maintain platys in the aquarium.

Providing the best Habitat for Platy Fish

The first thing you need to do is preparing an eligible aquarium (minimum 10 gallons). Ensure that you change 25% of aquarium water every two weeks to keep the water away from any dangerous germ. You can design your interior tank by adding some plants and gravel. Modifying the aquarium similar to the real habitat of platys is better since they will be easier to adapt. Furthermore, set the water temperature in 72-75 F.

Put some tank mates

As platy fish love to swim in a group, you need to add some small peaceful fish, such as Guppies and Mollies. Avoid adding aggressive fish, such as Tiger barbs, Bettas Vampire Tetra, and Wolf fish together with platys in one aquarium since they will attack platy fish. However, we recommend you keep the ratio between males and females’ platys in 1:2. It means if you have one male, you need to put 2 or 3 females in one aquarium. This is important to maintain platys in the aquarium.

Feed them with a nourishing diet

Platys are not picky, but you need to provide them with a nourishing diet. They eat worms, crustaceans, insect, and plants in their real habitat. Platy fish prefer to eat an herbivorous diet even though they are considered as omnivorous fish. You can feed them with brine shrimp, bloodworms, and tubifex once or twice a week. Providing protein in their diet is good, but keep in mind that their diet should also contain enough veggies.
Those are three techniques about how to maintain Platy fish in the aquarium. Finally, you need to also take care of them when they get sick with appropriate treatment.


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