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Types of Cichlids for Your Aquarium

Meta description: Cichlids are one of the most popular aquariums fish. If you want to keep them in an aquarium, then check out the exact types of cichlids here.

Cichlids come from Cichlidae family. Here are the most popular types of cichlids for your aquarium.

African Cichlids
African cichlids are divided into some types: Lake Tanganyika cichlids, Lake Malawi cichlids, Lake Victoria cichlids, and some other African cichlids. African cichlids are known as the most colorful cichlid fish. Peacock Cichlids and Lake Malawi cichlids have beautiful combinations of red, yellow, and blue patterns.
Meanwhile, Lake Tanganyika cichlid comes from a very deep lake, and it is also home for nearly two hundred and fifty types of cichlid. Since there is exploitation from human and predation, a lot of species are going extinct.

New World Cichlids
Another type of cichlid fish come from Central and North America which is also known as New World cichlids. In the wild, this type of fish has aggressive behaviors. This type of Cichlid has a length around eight inches, but some have a length of about four to five inches. The most well-known New World cichlids is probably Rocio octofasciata or the Jack Dempsey cichlid.  These types of cichlids are very aggressive towards other fish, so you have to separate them with other species. Since they can grow up to ten inches, it is probably better for you to have a larger aquarium and do not put too many Cichlid fish in it.

South American Cichlids
South American cichlids come from South American water. The most popular South American cichlids is Angelfish. You can easily find angelfish at pet stores. You can also get other popular South American cichlids there. The Discus fish and Oscar are also some of the popular South American Cichlids. The Discus fish are special among cichlid fish because they are sociable. Oscar cichlids are also known to high intelligence, and a lot of them have a unique personality. Oscars’ length can be up to twelve inches. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them in a big aquarium.

Those are some of the popular cichlids. There are a lot other more types of Cichlids. If you want to keep cichlids in an aquarium, make sure you also know how to take care of them.
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