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Types of tetra fish diseases and how to treat them

Meta descriptionIf you keep tetras, you also need to know some of tetra fish diseases. Check them out in this article!

Here are some types of tetra fish diseases and how to treat them.

Infected with Parasites
It is common that any types of fish including tetras can be infected with parasites. Tetras can carry parasites such as mucous membrane and gill. It is hard to tell when tetras are infected by the parasite since the bacteria are microscopic.
Treatment: You can contact your fish expertise, or you can check the condition of your tetras in the vet. Keep in mind that you have to clean the aquarium frequently.

White Dots

If you notice white dots on the tetra's skin, it means your fish may have a white dots disease. Your tetras’ mucous membrane are shrugged off. You may notice that your tetras start to breathe heavily.
Treatment: Clean your aquarium and change the water. Then, buy a proper medicine from a pet shop or a specialist.

Rotten Fin

The fins that are infected will look ragged, and the sides of the fins seem kind of white. Most of the fish also have injuries, particularly on their fin section. The eyes kind of look grey.

Treatment: besides applying for a proper medicine, it is very important to always take care of the condition of the aquarium and maintain their healthy diet. In the case of medicine, you should get prescription drugs from a vet.

Infections on Fins

Symptoms: This infection is caused by fungal. White spots emerge on the fish skin and fins. Those usually appear on the sides of the wounds.
Treatment: Get the proper medicines from a vet. You should always know that the quality of the water also plays a major role in curing the disease. Therefore, the aquarium has to be cleaned regularly.

Cavities in Head

Holes appear on the fish head, the hole starts small then going bigger. Most of the cases, a white pimple appears around the head.
Treatment: infected fish should get varieties of a healthy diet that are rich in nutrients. Make sure you always check the condition of the water.
Most of the tetra fish diseases are curable. Since tetras are pretty small, it doesn’t mean they do not need extra treatments. Tetras are just like any other fish which need proper treatments to prevent them from getting diseases.
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