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Common Loach Fish Diseases and How to Treat Them

Description: types of disease that can attack loaches fish range from ich to worm infection. Here are three of the most common ones.

Loaches may look peaceful, but they are susceptible to illness. Types of disease that can attack loaches fish relate to their thin scales and nervous personality. Skin and stress-related diseases or conditions are common among these fish.

Here are several fish diseases that commonly attack loaches (and the treatments).

Ich/White Spot

Ich is the most common freshwater fish disease. The parasites attack the animal’s fins, gills, and body, forming white spots. The spots can merge into larger marks, which cause discolorations and scale stains. Fish may rub themselves against the tank or decorations.

Ich can damage the fins and make them clamped. The fish can also have labored breathing and appetite loss. If left untreated, the disease can spread fast and infect the other fish.

Remove the severely infected quickly before treating your tank. Increase the water temperature to the highest tolerable numbers. Add special salt for aquarium (not table salt).

Body Fungus

Body fungus can develop after stressful handling. It also grows on fish in a tank with bad condition. The symptoms include white, fibrous spots on the body. Loaches can develop fungus easily because of the thin scales. When neglected, the fungus can attack other tissues.

You must remove the severely infected fish. Those that still have small spots can be treated in a separate tank. Use malachite green-based medications to treat the sick fish. Clean and sterilize your tank and its contents.


Flukes is a parasitic disease that causes holes and slime to develop, especially on the gills and fins. The results are reddened skin and destroyed gills. Fish will scratch themselves on the tank decorations and have breathing difficulties.

Flukes attack stressed fish, so check if your tank condition is not ideal. Reduce the numbers of loach school, and check if the water has the right acidity and temperature. Use antiworm medication such as Praziquantel to treat flukes.

Most types of disease that can attach loaches fish are common in freshwater fish. They also have proper medications you can buy at the pet supply stores.


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