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What Feeds Should You Give to Loach Fish?

Description: feeds for loaches fish must sink to the bottom and contain important omnivorous nutrients. Here is everything to know about loach feeding.

Loaches are bottom-dwelling omnivores, so feeding type and the process must cater to their behaviors. Feeds for loaches fish consist of both plants and animals, with specific consistency that allows the fish to “graze” at the bottom. Loaches also have a big appetite, so you must regulate the feeding time and amount to prevent waste.

Common Feeds for Loaches

Pellets and frozen feeds are ideal for loaches, because they sink to the bottom and are easy to graze. Recommended feeds include:

      ·         High-protein frozen feeds
Frozen bloodworms, blackworms, and brine shrimps are ideal for loaches. They are rich in protein and easy to purchase.

       ·         Cooked meat
You can experiment with cooked chicken, salmon, or beef. Choose the lean parts without a single trace of fat. Wash and boil them before cutting them into standard pellet sizes.

       ·         Blanched vegetables
Add fiber, vitamins, and minerals to loaches diet with blanched veggies. Ideal vegetables include zucchini and peas. Giving your loaches blanched veggies once a week keeps them healthy and happy.

       ·         Plant-based pellets
Provide more vegetable minerals and vitamins with plant-based pellets. Spirulina and herbivore flakes/pellets are popular at pet supply stores.

You can also place small numbers of mini snails in the tank. Large loaches in the wild eat small snails. Keep only a few live snails to prevent infestation.

Tips to Feed Loaches

Loaches will keep eating any edible materials that appear in the tank. You must control how much they can eat. Feed loaches with the exact amount of foods that they can finish in 10 to 15 minutes. Any uneaten foods or particles will build up and become waste, resulting in disease risks and low immune system.

Some loaches may swim to the middle, while others stay at the bottom. You may even see a few of them fighting for foods. Don’t worry about a little fight and just make sure all fish eat something.

Knowing the best feeds for loaches fish is not the only skill to have. Make sure to feed them in a proper way, without starving any fish or dirtying the tank.


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