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Tips for Successful Loaches Fish Spawning

Description: spawn loaches fish using the ideal breeding tank and proper steps. Here is how you can try spawning loaches at home.

Loaches are not common fish for breeding in captivity. However, knowing how to spawn loaches fish will help if you plan to start a business. While it is difficult, you can achieve success with the right breeding setup.

Tank Requirements for Loach Spawning

Loaches get stressed easily, so the breeding tank must be comfortable. Make sure it is warm enough based on the fish species (ask the fish supplier for ideal temperature each species likes). Keep the standard pH at 6.0 to 6.5. Plant some water vegetations for hiding spots and egg placing.

Keep the light in the tank dim and the water level low. The tank volume must be similar with your regular loach tank.

Steps to Spawn Loaches

Here are the steps you must take to spawn loaches:

      1.      Pick loaches that are ready for breeding. They must be healthy, have a good appetite, and have sizes of at least six inches long
      2.      Place the pair in the spawning tank
      3.      Feed the pair regularly with live feeds, such as bloodworms and blackworms
      4.      Pay attention to the female. When it is ready to release eggs, you may see greenish mass beneath its body
      5.      Wait until the female release green eggs. They will stick to the floating plants
      6.      Take the fish pair immediately to prevent them from eating the eggs
      7.      Eggs hatch after 24 hours. Once you see fry, feed them brine shrimps, infusoria, and special flakes for fry
 Your new loaches will reach sexual maturity after around 24 months. Keep adult loaches as a small school in at least 15-gallon tank. One school must not exceed six fish.

Don’t get disheartened if your loaches don’t breed, even under the ideal condition. Even the most experienced fish suppliers rarely breed loaches in captivity. However, trying to spawn loaches fish is great to test your fish-keeping skill. You can also get new fish to decorate multiple tanks at home instead of buying them.


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