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Maintenance of Bala Sharks in An Aquarium

Meta-description: Read these tips carefully to understand the maintenance of Bala Sharks in an aquarium.

Bala Shark -usually known as Silver Shark- is a fish commonly used as a collection in freshwater aquarium. The only connection the fish have with the shark is actually its high dorsal fin, which is quite similar to the shark.

The Southeast Asia fish has an easy temperament, make it a good aquarium mate for other fish. They can adapt well with other fish and mingle so well with them. However, as a fish-hobbyist, you shall consider that it can only be tolerant if only the other fish is not tiny. If it meets some tiny fish, the Bala Shark will consider them as foods, and they will swallow them.

Since it has a tolerant temperament and has a wonderful shiny look, it is not difficult to maintain the Bala Shark in your tank. However, if you are new to this tank matters, better for you to understand the maintenance of Bala Sharks in an aquarium, so it can have a long lifespan. Here we go:

Preparing the Right Habitat
The Bala Shark at juveniles have only around 3 inches in length. It is so minuscule that newbies don't think they will grow up to 12 inches. Consequently, you need a fairly big tank if you want to keep the Bala Shark until it grows up as an adult.

Buy More Than One or Two
If you start the tank with only one or two Bala Shark, there is a chance that the fish will have a short lifespan due to the unpleasant ambiance inside the tank. Bala Shark is socially active and considered as the schooling fish—which love to live in a group.

The lone Silver Shark, instead of being nice and tolerant, will attack other fish in the tank. How if they come in pairs? One of them will find a way to compete and threaten other Bala Fish.

Make a Great Habitat
Like a fish which comes from freshwater habitat, you must set the pH from about 6.5 to 7.8. That is the ideal pH range for them. For the diet, they love to eat several foods, from flakes to the mosquito larvae. Feed them three times a day.

Pick some fish in the same size (or at least half of their size and same characteristics as their tankmates. They will befriend the fast fish like Angelfish and Tetra, and won't cause the stress to those fish.

With the suitable maintenance of Bala Sharks in an aquarium and knowledge about taking care of the fish in the tanks, certainly, you will get ultimate enjoyment having Bala Shark at home.

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