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how to spawn Metynnis hypsauchen (Silver Dollar Fish)

The Metynnis hypsauchen fish originates from the Amazon River, South America.
Metynnis hypsauchen is a herbivorous fish.
The body of this fish is silvery and very actively moving.

Metynnis hypsauchen fish like the environment of shady waters.
the temperature of the water used to keep Metynnis hypsauchen in an aquarium or pond is 25-28 degrees Celsius.
the pH value of water to maintain this fish is 6.5 - 7.0 and the level of water hardness is 10 dH.
Metynnis hypsauchen fish spawning must be done using clean water.
Metynnis hypsauchen broodstock which will be spawned are fed with mosquito larvae or worms. Watercress vegetables can also be given to the parent fish.
difference between male fish and female fish. male parent fish are slimmer and are characterized by a slightly reddish color on the belly fin. in the female parent the color of the belly fin is redder.
seen from the shape of fish fins, male fish fins are somewhat triangular rounded while in the female parent is straight blunted fish.
spawning is done in pairs in an aquarium.
fish eggs are scattered at the bottom of the aquarium so that the spawning container does not need a substrate.
spawning fish is characterized by a parent fish that chases each other.
when the parent fish has begun to calm down, this is a sign that it has finished spawning.
after spawning, fish eggs can be taken to be hatched.
the height of the water in the hatchery container is around 15 cm. in the hatch container need to be given an aerator.
Fish eggs will hatch after after 2-3 days.
fish larvae will start swimming after two days of hatching.
after starting to swim the larvae are fed artemia. after 3-4 days of age, fish are fed with water fleas.
fish enlargement starts from fish seed 2-3 weeks old.
This fish enlargement activity can be done in aquariums, tanks or fish ponds.
water plants in enlargement containers can be installed for the purpose of shelter.
fish feed in this enlargement activity can be given in the form of silk worms and can be added to watercress every 4 days.
the size of fish to be ready for sale is after the size of the fish 2.5-3.0 cm. The size of the fish can be achieved after the fish have been kept for three months.

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