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Five Steps to Do Arowana Fish Farming

(Meta description) Arowana fish is high-priced fish to trade for many fish hobbyists. Find out 5 steps to do Arowana fish farming to earn more money.

Planning to earn more money by selling arowanas? You need to know how to produce the Arowana fish and breed them. Even though producing the fish is quite hard, but you can try to follow five steps to do Arowana fish farming.

1. Determining some couples for breeding

To do Arowana fish farming, you need to select the mature couple of arowanas. You can provide ten or more with 5 female and 5 male arowanas, to begin with. They tend to make a pair naturally. If they have already formed a pair, they start to lay the eggs. Put the net to separate the pair from other Arowana fish to avoid the injury. Besides that, the net allows the fry to swim freely.

2. Selecting the large tank

If you decide to do Arowana fish farming, you need to know that arowanas tend to fight and injure each other. If it happens, it reduces the lifespan of that fish. To prevent the fight, you should provide the large tank with the net to segregate the fish. The tank also should cover at least 250 gallons in capacity. Furthermore, the tank should be covered with the heavy cover because Arowana fish like to jump out.

3. Creating good condition

Arowana fish farming is not easy to do. You need to create the excellent environment for this beautiful animal. Make sure the water temperature of the tank should be around 23 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius (75-82°F).  Maintain the pH level around 6.5 up to 7.5. 

4. Giving the arowanas nutrient feed

You need to give fish the extra care when you do the Arowana fish farming. Feed the fish with nutrient diets. Provide the live food for the adult arowanas such as grasshoppers, small frogs, shrimps, fly, or worms. You can feed the fry with freeze-dried plankton, frozen diets high in protein, and the high-quality flake mixed with the pellet. You need to take precaution that live food may expose your Arowana to a particular disease.  

5. Breeding and harvesting the Arowana fry

When arowanas lay eggs, the male ones carry the eggs in their mouth until the eggs hatch. The eggs turn orange, and the fry looks like the small round of marbles in the first week. You can take the fry out from the males’ mouth by making their mouths open in the 30th day after breeding. When the fry reaches 8 weeks old, you can collect the fry in a basin. Later, you can incubate the fry in the aquarium. 

Starting the Arowana fish farming may seem confusing. However, you can carefully apply these steps to produce high-priced Arowana fish.


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