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How to Breed The Colorful Neon Tetra Fish

Meta-description: More neon tetras, mean more beautiful aquarium. But how to breed the neon tetra easily? 

With its slim body, luminous and colorful motives, no wonder neon tetra fish is one of the most preferred fish in the home aquarium. Its exquisite looks can boost the beauty of your aquarium. And that might be the reason why you want to breed the neon tetra fish in the aquarium.

Breeding the neon tetra fish is quite easy. However, you still have to pay much attention to that things to make your neon tetra less-stressed. So, ready to color your home aquarium with the living glows? Here there are:

1. Arrange the aquarium water

A neon tetra is a tropical fish which came from Amazon basin. That is why you need acidic water to make it breeds well. Natural acidic water can be collected from the rainwater, or you have to buy it in the aquarium store. 

2. Feed the neon tetra

Neon tetra is quite easy to be fed. You can use regular fish food to make it stays full. However, to maximize the breeding process of a neon tetra, feed it first with living food, such as the worms. It can make them healthier and more ready to breed.

3. Watch the eggs to hatch

Neon tetra is not a live-bearer, and they will lay the eggs in the bottom of the aquarium. The egg will hatch for about 36 hours, and after that, you can watch the tiny fry come out of it. Keep an eye on them because they will be free-swimmers for about 4-5 days. After they can swim freely, remember to feed them with the living foods like micro worms or tiny eels. It is good for their growth and to keep them healthy

4. Change the water

Since the fry of neon tetra fish is so sensitive to dirt and other things, always remember to change the water more often. After a couple of weeks and the blue strips come out of their body, you can decrease the interval of changing the water since they are already grown up.

Breeding the neon fish will be such a wonderful experience for the fish lover. Watching the white and tiny fry's transformation to be the neon tetra fish with fascinating color surely is the happiness that you can not even buy in the pet store.

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